Tourist attractions in New York City

new york

New York is also known as the City of Skyscrapers,  NYC is in the top list tourist destination of travelers. The city has so much to offer for tourists that you will not have enough time to visit every place. Majority of us have already seen the city through Hollywood movie scenes. But visiting the city in real is an awesome experience.

Some people come to New York city for shopping while some come to enjoy Broadways show. If you love sigh-seeing, New York is the best place to be. There are many tourist attractions in the city.  Here are some of the tourist attractions that you should not miss.

Statue of Liberty


It is one of the greatest American icons that everyone knows. Built in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to America to commemorate the alliance of France and US during the American Revolution. The statue stands 152 ft tall and weighs around 450,000 pounds.

Located at Liberty island, the Statue of Liberty offers a good view of lower Manhattan and New York harbor. You need to take short boat ride to reach the statue. You can visit Statue of Liberty at any time of year.

Times Square

times sqaure

Do you remember the place with several electric, neon and illuminated signs shown in movies? The place is the famous Times Square. It is one of the busiest pedestrian intersections and more than 460,000 pedestrians walk through the Times Square on a busy day. Times Square is particularly famous for the New Year’s Eve ball drop; an age old tradition that continues till the day and a major attraction for tourist visiting on New Year Eve. Many people say New York won’t be New York without Times Square. The bright lights are must see but don’t wait for long as there is much to see in New York.

Central Park


You must have seen it in many Hollywood movies and TV Shows. The Central Park is a playground for New Yorkers in the concrete jungle.  Besides large open space, the Central Park has many places to visit such as the Lake, the Strawberry fields, and the Central Park Zoo. While the ideal way to get around might be walking, you can also rent a bike if you are pressed for time.  In the winter, the Central Park is completely covered with snow and you can enjoy skating to your heart’s fill.

Metropolitan Museum of Art


If taking a dip in the history fascinates you, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must place to visit. The museum is home to more than 2 million works of art. Here you will get an opportunity to see American arms, armors and some decorative pieces of art. You can also see Egyptian art, photographs, musical instruments and many more things.

St Patrick’s Cathedral


Are you fond of Gothic architecture? Whatever your answer, the St Patrick’s Cathedral is a must place to visit. When you visit St Patrick’s Cathedral, you are greeted by massive bronze doors (weighing 20,000 lb each). The huge 330 ft high spires are feast for your eyes. The bronze baldachin, statue of Pieta at the side of the Lady Chapel are some of the gleaming pieces of art that attract and mesmerize visitors.

Brooklyn Bridge


Unites States have many iconic bridges. Brooklyn Bridge is one of them.  It is first bridge constructed using steel. The bridge spans across East River in Manhattan.  The highlights of the bridge are two powerful stone towers that connect through Gothic shaped arches that carry four cables across the river.

There are several other tourist attractions in New York city. No matter where you stay, don’t forget to check Trip Website reviews online. The ones listed above are the places that are intertwined to the history and culture of New York. Whenever you visit New York, make it a point to visit these places no matter how short your vacation or your traveling plan is.





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