Main important things to follow when we visit to New York


New York offers plethora of sightseeing options, restaurants, museums and other activities. Without proper planning, you are bound to spend valuable time on unnecessary things. To help you save time and get best out of the visit to New York, we are going to suggest you about things that you need to follow when you visit New York.

Don’t spend much time in Times Square



The Times Square is a popular tourist attraction but don’t spend much time there. The traffic intersection is too crowded and there is not much to see or experience except the flashy neon lights. If you are visiting Times Square for the first time, look at the shops and massive signs around, snap some pictures and leave the place. Don’t’ waste time as there is nothing much to do than seeing strangers moving all around you.

Avoid going to High Lines on Weekends

high lines

Everyone in New York love High lines; the residents love them and tourists too. During the weekends the High Lines is so crowded that you will feel like moving on a conveyor belt. If you really want to enjoy the High Lines, make it a point to visit early on weekdays when the place is not much crowded

Go beyond Manhattan



New York city has five boroughs and you are making a wrong travel plan if you are only limiting yourself to seeing Manhattan and its neighborhoods. Other boroughs such as Queen, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island are also worth exploring. They also have their own landmarks, parks, museums, ethnic communities and cultural institutions that have an important place in New York history, culture and way of life.

Don’t take bus tours


Though bus tours seem to be the right way to go around the city, it is surely not the best option. One negative thing about bus tours is they are quite expensive. Leave the money aspect aside, they also don’t offer the best sightseeing experience; you only see the places from a distance for few moments. So why bother about taking a bus tour at all. Alternatively, you can take a cycling tour that offers a lot more interaction opportunities during sightseeing.

Don’t stand at Sidewalks unnecessarily


Sidewalks are like highways in New York. Don’t stop abruptly and stand there for a long time. Though it may seem natural behavior, don’t stand on sidewalks to check messages, talk on the phone or gawk at the building. If you do so, people will bump into you or some may even show an attitude that will leave a bad memory about the people and the New York city. If you really feel the need to stop and stand for a while, step the side away from heavy foot traffic. This way you can ensure there is no convenience to you or other walking on the Sidewalks

Visit smaller museums


New York has many museums and you might know about big museums and have plans to visit them. But don’t forget there are several small museums in New York city that having amazing pieces of Medieval art. For example, the lesser Brooklyn museum which is considered small museum has 1 million pieces of artifacts in its permanent collection. Similarly the Museum of the moving image has Austrian and German artifacts from the 20th century

Look for entertainment options beyond Broadway shows


 The Broadway shows are great but they are not the only entertainment options in New York. There are several small theaters near Times Square, Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Some of the Off Broadway musicals and theaters worth mentioning are Playwrights Horizon, Signature Theatre, and the Public Theatre. By watching other shows, you might get to see what you have not seen at Broadway theater or other shows.

The tips given above will prevent you from wasting time and help you get best vacation experience when you visit New York.

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