Tourist Attractions in Washington DC


Washington DC, Which is Located along the Potomac River, It is one of the favorite tourist destinations for people traveling to the US. Since the city is the center of American government, many tourists only feel, the White House, Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court building are the only places to visit. Not many know Washington DC has far more attractive places that gives you real taste of the life and culture of the city.  Here are few places to visit while in the city of power.

International Spy Museum


You may have visited museums until now but a spy museum is a different story altogether.  The experience of visiting spy museum is one of a kind experience. It’s a great place for adults and older children.  It is fun to see all spy equipment in real.  The spy museum also offers an interactive experience where you are the only spy on a mission to unravel secrets of your enemy. The collection is one of the biggest international espionage artifacts available for public display. The espionage artifacts bring out the stories of some of the daring secret missions of the world. If you love digging into history, you have the option of staying at historic hotels Washington DC that offers a different living experience

National Zoological Park


The National Zoo in Washington DC is home to around 1800 animals belonging to 300 different species.  Some of the most loved wild inhabitants of the zoo are giant pandas, big cats, apes, elephants and many more. If you are looking for best places to stay nearby, you can book rooms in hotels that partner with the Zoo in the Panda conservation program. There are several participating hotels which mean you will always get an accommodation that suits your budget.

Renwick Gallery

Renwick Gallery

The Renwick Gallery is the part of National Museum of American Art. It houses several artifacts that date back to ancient America to the present. Some of the visitor’s favorites are the Ghost clock, the birth of Eve, the Oops chair, White Fish II, the Oxblood teardrop and many more. You would be astonished by the visuals and the best experience is to see them in real as images do not reveal all beauty of these artifacts. There is no doubt, the Renwick gallery is a must visit even you are not good at appreciating arts.

Madame Tussauds Washington DC


Majority of travelers always wish to visit Madame Tussauds museum to see the wax statues. We know the main Madame Tussauds museum is in London. But not many people know you can get an opportunity of relishing your eyes with the beauty of wax statues even during the visit to Washington DC. The Madame Tussauds museum houses wax statues of important personalities and historical figures in the United States. You can see wax statues of 44 US presidents, celebrities from movies, sportsperson and many more. The statues look so real that you should not lose an opportunity to click a picture with wax statue of your favorite celebrity.

Folger Shakespeare library


If you are interested in literature and also like Shakespeare works then visit the Folger Shakespeare library. It is home to largest collection of Shakespeare books. The library provides you with a unique opportunity to explore Shakespeare work and the world during his time.  Here you will get an opportunity to explore original resources and also modern interpretations. The Folger collection includes more than 60,000 handwritten documents dated from the 15th to 20th century.  The books also throw light on the development of English theater.

Potomac River


If you get tired looking at the busy streets, a stroll along the bank of Potomac River can help you get some peaceful moments. You can watch the river flow while you walk from the Memorial Bridge or while walking back from Arlington cemetery.

Though considered highly expensive, the truth is you can always find family friendly hotels in Washington DC that suit different budgets.



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