Things to do while in New Orleans


New Orleans is one of the most culturally and heritage rich city in the US. Travelers who have visited have described the city as melting pot of culture, music and food. It only means the city has lot more to offer than its landmarks and we take along an experience that we will cherish in life.

If you are planning to stay for few days in New Orleans, you should consider staying at New Orleans hotels garden district which offer upscale accommodation, spacious rooms and several modern amenities for comfortable stay.  To experience the best  the city has to offer, here are few things you should do while in New Orleans

Take an Airboat ride


To take an airboat ride, you have to travel 30 kms away from the city to a village named Jean Lafitte earlier known for the pirates. The airboat ride takes you through the mossy cypress swamp where you can see the alligators, turtles, herons, egrets, ibis and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The flat bed airboat lets you experience proximity with water. Depending on the season, you may find alligators basking in the sun or you may even witness the hunting skills of the bald eagle.

Visit Mansions and Lafayette Cemetery


If you are interested in ancient architecture, a walking trip in the Mansions and Lafayette Cemetery will let you witness well-preserved examples of and Italianate and Greek architecture. You might also get a chance to see the celebrity homes of Sandra Bullock, John Goodman, and Anne Rice. The tour of the mansions gives you glimpse of the American history and the lovely gardens that were created along the lavish mansions.

Discover Cajun and Creole cultures


To explore the Cajun and Creole cultures, you should take a grand tour of Cajun country. The boat tour takes you through cypress swamps and it is a delightful experience to enjoy a traditional lunch at the plantations. You should also visit the Creole plantation where you can see the historic slave quarters surrounded by sugarcane fields. If you like cruising in a high speed boat, you can always upgrade the tour to high-speed airboat option.  After completion of your boat ride, you can take a tour of the antebellum south and know how the American Revolution affected the foundation of plantation life.

Take Cocktail walking tour


As mentioned earlier, your trip to New Orleans should not be limited to landmarks. New Orleans has a spirited side which can be explored only by taking a Cocktail walking tour. The city has several historic bars and restaurants where you can sip classic concoctions like the Pimm’s Cup and Sazerac. You will be required to completely immerse yourself into 2.5 hours of sampling to know about the famous and the scandalous history of drinks and drinking culture of the city. At each legendary venue of the cocktail tour, you will learn about the truth and origins of centuries old cocktails. The cocktail tour also gives you glimpses of distinctive local architecture that has French and Spanish influence.

Experience local music


Do you know New Orleans is also famous for its Jazz bands? You can participate in the local jazz bands performance at different venues where you are actually a part of the crew and get an opportunity to mingle with local jazz band celebrities. Music is an important element of life in New Orleans and you can see the local artists and musicians have turned every inch of the city into musical Mecca. The VIP Behind the scenes allows you to experience the music show from the eye of a performer. You can find several affordable hotels in the French quarter Louisiana that offer you proximity to the music scene and cultural hotspots.

If you plan a weekend stay in New Orleans don’t forget to check New Orleans hotel reviews as they tell you the quality and prices of every hotel in the city. There is no denying a 2-3 day stay is a must to experience New Orleans in all its glory.












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