What is the best time to visit Los Angeles?


Weather is an important element that needs to be considered while traveling to any destination.This is necessary as you wouldn’t want to get trapped in your hotel room due to heavy rains or snowfall. Los Angeles is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the US. The city is vast having diverse geographical setup. You can find huge skyscrapers on one side while a mountain range on the other side.

The best time to visit Los Angeles is the spring that is from March to May. The temperature during the spring is comfortable without the winter rain or heavy smog that is seen during summer. Besides, the hotel rates are low and you are more likely to find a discounted room at hotels near downtown la. In LA, you can find wide range of comfortable accommodation. Before checking at hotel in LA, don’t forget to check Los Angeles hotel reviews that offer you personal advice and experience of the travelers who had been there. Now that you have decided to visit LA, the first question you need to ask yourself is what you want to do or see in LA?

Places to visit

Get active at beaches


If you love beaches, you will be happy to visit LA as it offers eight great beaches to travelers to experience sand, sun and the ocean. Many travelers visiting LA either lose time in traffic at 405 or find themselves shivering in their short on the beaches. The ideal way to enjoy beaches in Los Angeles is staying in a hotel closer to beach. You have several good hotels near the beaches such as Venice beach hotel or ocean view hotel Santa Monica where you can always experience closeness to ocean during your stay and also enjoy water sports.

Get marveled by the collections at Los Angeles County Museum of Art


The marvelous journey of LACMA begins from the BP Grand Entrance Pavilion which is made of 202 cast-iron street lamps collected from Los Angeles and restored in working order. The LACMA extensive collection of artifacts is one of the impressive things in LA. The 20-acre area has complex of buildings, each holding dazzling selection of artwork. The Broad Contemporary Art Museum is home to fantastic collection of modern art while Ahmanson Building is home to finest work of great artists like Picasso, Klee, Mondarin and their likes. At LACMA, you get an opportunity to witness artwork of Greek, Romans and the Latin Americans.

Get a joyful ride at Mulholland


Want to see the place where majority of the Hollywood chase scenes are shot, Mulholland is the place to be. Though, traffic congestion is more prevalent in the city area, the Mulholland Drive gives you an opportunity to test car’s handling or experience driving in totality. Besides the driving experience, Mulholland drive also gives you scenic view of Los Angeles and Valley.

Enjoy a day at Huntington Library, Botanical Gardens & Art Collections.


A place that presents you mixes of art, literature and outdoor spaces. There is plenty to explore here. But don’t come here to spend a day. Instead, you should give a visit when you desire lingering pleasure. The main library holds more than 1600 million items. Some of the notable holdings in the main library are Gutenberg Bible, the Canterbury Tales and many more. The exhibition hall is the place where you get a chance to view temporary themed shows. The art collection is a treasure of British art which includes work by Blake, turner, Reynolds and Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy. In the galleries you will also find a fine selection of American paintings. The botanical gardens spreads across 207 acres and is divided into variety of themes such as the Desert Garden, Shakespeare garden, the Children’s Garden, the Japanese garden and the Chinese themed garden.

If you plan to stay in LA, don’t’ forget to indulge into activities that lingering pleasure that touches your mind and soul.

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