5 hidden best places to eat in Las Vegas you never knew– Until now


Las Vegas is not just a place for gambling.Though, you see the city is famous for its casinos, it has several hidden gems that many tourist don’t know. Don’t be mistaken that LA is only a friendly place for those who have big money. The city has many facets that make it travel friendly.

If your pet is accompanying you on the LA trip, you can also find pet friendly hotels Las Vegas that are more welcoming to your best companion.Here is a list of hidden gems in LA that tells you a different story of the City of Lights.

     1. Secret Pizza


The name says it all and not many tourists know about this place.It offers you the best pizza in town that is also cheap. Secret Pizza is specifically known for the White Pizza that has a thin crust and huge layer of toppings.Located in “the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas”, the place is unmarked, so you have to put some efforts in finding Secret Pizza. Once you taste their White Pizza, you will agree, the experience was worth the effort.

     2. Sea- The Thai Experience


Thai Food is popular for its spicy edge and strong aromatic components.If you want to taste best Thai food, head to Sea-The Thai Experience.The place is particularly known for its good food and good service. If you love sea food, don’t miss the spicy Crab Rangoon served here. The dish is layered with different ingredients and flavors that is nothing but magical.Besides tasty Thai food, the restaurant also serves East Asian-inspired cocktails and dishes like tamarind whole fish, lemongrass chicken and many other lip smacking dishes.There is no doubt the restaurant is a hidden gem in Bally’s Las Vegas.

     3. The Lakes Lounge


It is one of the famous Las Vegas hotels and also a best local hangout. Besides the breathtaking view, the restaurant also serves best steaks, seafood and sandwiches. The hotel also has an enclosed bar and you will not get any smoke or smell of food from the restaurant side.The daily specials are hit and you should definitely try when you visit Lakes Lounge.The prices are reasonable and the portions are big which you can easily share. Some may find the service bit slow but at the end when you taste the food, you will agree it is worth the wait.Many will instantly agree the Lakes Lounge is a hidden gem in Las Vegas.

     4. Capo’s Italian Steakhouse


If you like some light music with your meal, Capo’s Italian Steakhouse is the perfect place to be.Find the hidden entrance and get ready to experience one of the best dining experiences. The restaurant serves some of the amazing pastas. If you visit the restaurant in the evening, you can also enjoy food with some music. The Steakhouse also serves some classic food like Meatballs with pepper that will remind you of old school days. Though the food is just great, the best part is the atmosphere.There are no words to describe your enjoyment of watching the age old classic “The Godfather” that is played from the projector behind you.The whole experience is just awesome.

     5. The Barrymore @ The Royal Resort


Do you desire some dirty martini and some pork chops? If yes, The Barrymore is the place to visit. It is one of the top hotels in Las Vegas that offers great afternoon drink specials.The hotel serves some amazing cocktails that you will not find elsewhere. If you happen to visit the Barrymore, don’t forget to order Shrimp cocktail, Lobster Mac and cheese that are freaking awesome. If you love wines, you will be happy to see a wide variety of wines served here. The Barrymore is definitely a hidden gem and you will like coming here more often due to the tasty food and friendly staff that makes the place irresistible.

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