5 things you must do during your visit to New York


When traveling to a city like New York, you should not limit yourself to just visiting landmarks of the city where most of the tourists go. The New York City is never considered as bore as the city has many fun elements to offer that will make your trip to this iconic city memorable.

Take a helicopter tour of the city


You must have seen the iconic aerial view of the NYC in movies, now is the time to experience it in real.  The thrill of watching the NYC from helicopter is a one of a kind experience. A helicopter tour will take you past from some of the iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis island before taking you through the skies of downtown Manhattan. This aerial tour of the city will also give you an opportunity to witness the One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial’s reflecting Post. You will be also able to see Brooklyn Bridge as the helicopter tour moves towards the uptown. Don’t miss the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building which are some of the famous landmarks of the NYC. Watching these landmarks from air is breathtaking experience.

Take a walking trip down the High Line


High line is a 2.33 km public park built along the historical freight rail line elevated on the streets of Manhattan. The high line is less busy during weekdays and hence you should take a walking trip when you can see the High Line in all its glory.  A trip down the High Line is not only about taking a stroll in the park. The weekly guided tour gives you glimpse of the insiders perspective on the park’s design, landscape and history. A walking trip down the High Line is full of surprises. There are several places on the High Line where you get a glimpse of different sculptures, murals, videos and performances. The High Line also has Garden tours where you get an opportunity to know about details of the High Line plants and animals.

A visit to Central Park

Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 10

Central Park is a natural gem of NYC and a vacation in NYC without a visit to this famous landmark is something unimaginable. This 843 acres piece of land sprawling with vegetation has a vibrant history along with diverse flora and fauna. You can head to the park anytime after 6 am. Looking at the vast expanse of land is not easy when you are on foot. Hence, many travelers who have visited Central Park in NYC suggest bike tours that make the whole trip to Central Park more fun and refreshing. The Central Park has well-marked routes so you always know which way to go. There are several breathtaking landmarks in this vast area. Some of the landmarks worth mentioning are the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, the Bow Bridge’s cast-iron arch, Belvedere Castle atop Vista Rock and many more.

Visit to Modern Museum of Art (MoMA)


Located in Midtown Manhattan in NYC, the Modern Museum of Art is a place not to miss. It is a place of creativity, and inspiration. It is known as the most influential museum in the world and also one of the largest. The collection gives you glimpse of modern and contemporary art which includes works of painting, drawing, architecture and design, sculpture, prints, books, film and electronic media. The library at MoMA holds around 300,000 books, 1,000 periodical titles and more than 40,000 files showcasing journey of individual artists and groups.

Visit to Brooklyn Bridge


One of the iconic landmark of NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge stretches over East river connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge will give you some exhilarating views of the city and clear skyline. The sunset looks beautiful from the Brooklyn Bridge. You can see Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty coming to life with electric wonder if you are on the Brooklyn Bridge at the right time (during sunset)

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