How to enjoy happening places of Miami in just three days?


When you are on a vacation in Miami, you always feel short of time as the city has so much to offer.  Without proper planning, you are bound to miss happening places. So we are going to tell you how to make best use of your time when you are holidaying in Miami.

Where to stay


If you are looking for comfort at an affordable price, chesterfield hotel Miami is one of the best places to stay. It is located 2 minute walk from the beach and the Ocean Drive. The hotel is located at the right place which gives you proximity to the sea and also the downtown Miami where you can visit and witness the life and culture of the city. The hotel offers several guest friendly amenities like Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Valet parking and well air-conditioned spacious rooms.

Day 1: Explore the South Beach


You can start your first day exploring areas around South Beach. There are several trendy hangouts in the Ocean Drive area. If you are bit exhausted by the stroll, you can get yourself a table at one of the cafes in the area and watch people passing by on foot or in their six figure sports cars while having great salads, mimosas or omelets. With your tummy full, you can move head to visit Art Deco Welcome center and get an in-depth view of South Beach’s Art Deco roots.

You can continue you stroll to Lincoln road where you can buy cool stuff such as bathing products, cool clothing, perfumes and several other items. If you do not feel like going back to the hotel, you can enjoy romantic dinner with you partner at one of the restaurants in South Beach. To ensure the stroll in South Beach is not marred by an unexpected dining experience, check the list of best hotels in Miami before venturing out.

Day 2- Explore Old Miami


Not many people visiting Miami know its history. If you really want to feel and experience the life and culture of Miami city, the Old Miami is the place to be. The Old Miami is home to some of the most beautiful architectural buildings having influence of Spanish and Italian architectural styles.  The city of Coral Gables is in the heart of Old Miami. The Venetian Pool which is the centerpiece of the Coral Gables is one of the most beautiful public swimming pools. You may feel what is that great in a public swimming pool but if you look around, you feel like roaming in 19th century Venice city. The Venetian Pool is surrounded by lush landscaping, buildings, waterfalls, bridges, and coral grottos. You can also visit the Nearby Coconut Grove which is a residential neighborhood favorite amongst the upscale Miamians. The Coconut Grove has a mix of old, new, trendy buildings in a lush tropical landscape setting.

Day 3- Discover the marvelous accomplishment dedicated to Love.


 The Coral Castle in Key West area is a must see monument for lovers and has an interesting history. As per records in the history, the monument was built single-handedly by a lover named Ed Leedskalnin for his fiancée Latvia who rebuffed his love. Ed Leedskalnin carved this monument out of 1,100 tons of coral rock and worked tirelessly for 28 long years(from 1923 to 1951) to complete it. The monument was named as Coral Castle. This love monument was built during days when there was no modern convenience and tools used in construction. ED created the monument of this scale under the cover of night and secrecy. The Coral Castle is one of the marvelous accomplishments dedicated to the divine feeling we know as Love. The monument is a shimmering example of raw human determination to create something impossible under the influence of Love.

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