Great Smoky Mountain is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the US


Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the US.  Millions of people visit this National park located near North Carolina for fishing, picnicking, camping, bicycling, camping and many more activities. With so much to do and have fun, what should you indulge in, given you have limited time to explore.  We have a few suggestions that will ensure you have a great time when you visit Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Where to stay


 There are several small luxury hotels near the National park with all necessary amenities. One of the advantages of staying nearby is you can start early morning and enjoy several activities in 1 or 2 days. To get best deals, don’t forget to check tripreviewer hotel ratings.



Fishing is a fun activity for whole family. It is great opportunity for family bonding which you will seldom get even if you are living together. Spending long hours casting for a trout on a cool mountain stream helps you get rid of your stressful experiences.  It is a great activity with different elements such as challenge, excitement and unpredictability. Since competitive nature resides in every person, we want to be best in what we do and that is what makes fishing an enjoyable experience with your family. Sometimes you may win or sometimes your partner may win, all this becomes exciting. Great Smoky Mountains National Park has 2,900 miles of streams with large population of trout fish. Fishing is officially supported activity that is permitted year-round the park



Hiking is a joyful activity offering different rewards and happiness during every season. In winter season, the falling  deciduous leaves  reveals new sceneries that includes stone walls,  foundations chimneys and several others elements that lets you know of the resident past.  During spring, you can view the breathtaking sceneries of flowering trees, and wide variety of wild flowers.   You have many options when it comes to hiking. The hiking trail can be selected on what you enjoy – Old-growth forests, waterfalls or endless views, whatever hiking option you chose, be ready to get mesmerized by the things nature has to offer.



A family picnic in the woods is a fantastic day out.  There are plenty of locations in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park that are perfect picnic spots.  The picnic sites have a raised grill for cooking and a picnic table.  You can plan for host of activities for the picnic and get the best experience in company of nature.



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