Guide to explore the Wave in the Arizona


The Wave at the Utah- Arizona border is one of the happening places to visit when on trip to the US. The Wave is a geological formation offering best photographic location.  You can find pictures of the Wave on the Internet and by the words of the people who have visited; the beauty of the place is just unbelievable and the pictures don’t do the justice to the beauty of the place.

Planning for the trip


You cannot just drop at the entrance of the Wave and hope to get in by paying the fees.  You need a permit to visit this place and everyday only 20 permits are given; 10 are given online while 10 are given at the entrance gate.  Even if you don’t have hiking experience, there is nothing to worry about. Hike to the Wave is of moderate kind.  The whole expedition is of 30 miles but beware you can get lost in the wilderness of the Wave.

Read the directions carefully


 You are provided with road map for the hiking trip. The road map consists of several landmarks on the route and it is not difficult to reach the Wave.  You just need to follow the directions carefully and watch for marker posts that show you are on the right path.

Activities that can be enjoyed at the Wave

The journey to the Wave is exciting.  You have to walk through the several small dunes until you finally reach your destination.  The excitement and anticipation of the view you will find when you reach the highest point of the Wave rejuvenates you.  Once you reach the top, you can take some rest and have some peaceful moments.  Occasional showers in the region create small pools of water. If you are lucky enough, you will enjoy the charismatic moment of seeing your reflection bounce off the pool of the water.

The contrast of blue sky and the red rock creates the most beautiful setting. You can have food and water after you have perched the top before you start exploring.  To ensure you are the lucky to get a permit in walk-in, you need to stay in a hotel nearby. So, you are the among-st the first people to reach the entrance. You can check trip reviewer or hotel reviews online at and find the best place to stay near the Wave.

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