Best things to do in Yellowstone Park


The Yellowstone Park is the first National park in the world. The park is particularly famous for wide variety of wild life, Geo thermal activity and century old geyser known as “Old Faithful”. Within the 3,468.4 square miles of the park, you can see varied natural scenery and wonders that includes canyons, rivers, lakes and also the largest high-altitude lakes in North America. With so many options of fun, many get confused when they go to Yellowstone Park. We tell you best things to do so that your trip becomes the best memory.

Watch geyser erupt


The Old Faithful is the prime attraction of this national park. This famous geyser erupts around 20 times in a day and the height of the eruptions can be anything between 130 to 140 feet.  The eruptions are forceful in nature and one single eruption that lasts around 1.5 minutes gurgles out 3700 gallons of hot water from the ground. Sometimes a long eruption that lasts around 4.5 minutes expels 8400 gallons of hot water.

Go rafting


The whitewater rafting is the best adventurous sport to indulge in when you visit Yellowstone Park. You can go rafting in Yellowstone River that runs 700 miles and lets you enjoy variety of landscapes while you challenge the rapids. The float trip in Yellowstone River takes you through majestic Paradise Valley that gives you great opportunity of wildlife watching and to photograph it. The rafting trip in Yellowstone River gives you plenty of whitewater action as the river flows north to join Missouri River.

Go camping


Your trip to Yellowstone Park can be full of adventure. You can go camping in the Yellowstone region and enjoy a night under the stars. There are several campsites in the park which are safe for a night out in the wild with your family.

Go fishing


Though beaches offer the best fun and relaxation atmosphere, the rivers and lakes in San Francisco offers good opportunities to go fishing. You can fling a cast in Yellowstone Lake or try lure fishing in Madison River. The Madison Junction in Yellowstone to Three Fork is a fly fishing Mecca for serious anglers. It is one of the most productive streams for fishing where you can catch rainbow trout, brown trout, and mountain whitefish

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