How to make your Idaho trip memorable?


Idaho which spreads across 84,000 square miles offers tourist breathtaking views, iconic landmarks and several site seeing options. There is so much to see here that it may take a lifetime. Since you have a limited time as a tourist, we tell you about the best things to do and places to visit that will make your Idaho trip memorable.

Where to stay


 While you explore the great outdoors of Idaho, your stay in Idaho need not be an impersonal one in one of the chain hotels. There are several quirky, comfortable and lavish staying options to choose from. You can check online hotel reviews and book hotel rooms online. Don’t forget that even small hospitality businesses can give you the best living experience in your Idaho trip.

Places to visit

Shoshone Falls


This spectacular body of water will just amaze you. It stands 212 feet tall which means it is higher than Niagara Falls. The Shoshone Falls is the best natural wonder in Idaho and don’t forget to take your cameras along as you wouldn’t want to miss the photo opportunity. Besides adoring the beauty of the waterfall, you can indulge in several recreational activities at the Dierkes Lake complex. You can go boating, swimming, hiking or enjoy a family picnic in the designated picnic areas.

Museum of Idaho


 The museum is located in Idaho Falls and there are several good destinations nearby like the Craters of the Moon National Monument. The Museum Of Idaho offers you glimpse in the history. Here you can find fascinating artifacts like the earliest writing or a flag drenched in blood that reminds you of the ancient war for supremacy on the land. Idaho was the first state to use electricity generated by a nuclear reactor and you can see the first bulb here that was lit by the electricity generated by the nuclear reactor.

Craters of the Moon National Monument


If you want to see how craters and land is created by lava flow, visit Craters of the Moon National Monument. The area was formed around 2000 years ago when lava erupted from the Great Rift. The lava field stretches across 618 square miles and even now the region is experiencing stretching due to geological activities. Though the area is covered by lava flows, you can see diverse plant life that has adapted to the extreme conditions here.

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