The must see places in South Carolina


South Carolina is specifically known for marsh like Sea Islands and it subtropical beaches.The tourist attractions in South Carolina are nothing less than amazing. We tell you about happening places to visit to have all the fun.

Where to stay


Since South Carolina is famous for its beaches, why not stay at one of the Beach Resort.Your stay in South Carolina need not be expensive. There are several good hotels near the beaches that offer you good amenities and comfortable stay at a reasonable price. Beforebooking online, searchfor online hotel deals that will help you save money without sacrificing on comfort. Don’t forget to review hotel before booking online.

Places to visit

Daufuskie Island


It is a residential sea island which is about 2.75 miles away from South Carolina.The island has not changed much and you will not see any bridges or causeways. The island is mostly inhabited by families whose ancestors were slaves. If you like cycling on the beach you can take a guided bike touror you can take a birding and naturalist tour to know about flora, fauna of the island.  The bike tour will take you along the maritime forest trails and places of importance in island history.The island also offers you unique opportunity to play golf at one of the golf venues.

DuPont Planetarium


The planetarium has a 30 ft. diameter dome with seating capacity of 45 people. The planetarium programs mainly focus on astronomy and your can participate in night exploration of the sky.TheBechtel Telescopeat the RPSEC Observatory provides view of nebulae, celestial objects that cannot be seen by naked eyes. You can also get closer views of planets in our solar system.

Caesars Head State Park


It is a park located in northern Greenville County.The park is a scenic destination for visitors looking for hiking trails and waterfall views. The park presents you several photo opportunities and you will be amazed by the breathtaking view of Table Rock.All rivers in this park are suited for fishing. Here you can participate in treasure hunting of geocaches.You will need a GPS device to participate and have fun.

Greenville Zoo


The Greenville Zoo can be your next destination after visiting Caesars Head State Park. It is home to exotic animals of North America. Here you can see toucans, leopards, elephants, monkeys and many more animals native to North American continent.

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