What are the best romantic getaways in California?


California is blessed with a diverse landscape which includes ocean front towns, mountain villages and cities that serve as a romantic setting where couple can enjoy each other’s company.  The climate of California is not always sunny.   You also have fog and bit of rain that enhances the romantic atmosphere.  We are going to tell you about best romantic getaways in California where the landscape and the environment encourages love to bloom.

Where to stay


California offers you host of accommodation options even if you are on a budget. If you love to stay right beside the ocean you can check in any beach resort or beach cottages that are not very expensive.  Before booking online, don’t forget to visit hotel reviewer websites that tell you about the facilities and living experience.

Big Sur


Located between San Simeon and Carmel, it is a rugged stretch of California coastline.  You should have plenty of time to visit Big Sur. Couples can stay at any hotel near the coastline and enjoy the melody of waves smashing the rocks on the beach. If that doesn’t excite you, camping is another option. You can go camping inside the Pfeiffer State Park or you can choose to live in a hotel near the mountain side.

Catalina Island


If you and your partner are looking for an adventurous trip, Catalina Island is the destination you should head to. The island offers wide range of land and air activities that includes parasailing, ziplining, sea trekking, plinking, snorkeling, diving, biking, or hiking. You can explore the wild side of the island by looking for the island buffalo or you can watch the magnificent marine life without getting wet by going for sea trekking in under sea submersible tours.  If you want to pamper your partner, you can book an appointment at one of the leading spas.



Malibu offers you outdoor bliss.  It has most beautiful stretches where you and your partner can just relax or enjoy a sunbath. There are several hiking trails that go through beautiful Santa Monica Mountains.  Malibu offers you wealth of natural attractions such as rocky beaches with natural arches. If you enjoy surfing then there are many beaches that offer onsite amenities like bathroom and showers on the beaches.  You can also rent paddle boards, surfboards to explore ocean.

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