3 exotic places worth visiting in this US vacation trip


There are several places in the US that have a great deal of natural beauty.  These exotic places are generally in the far flung corners which is the reason  only few travelers know about them. We are going to tell you about 3 exotic places to travel in this US vacation trip.

Places you can stay


Travelers have lots of options when it comes to accommodation. You can stay in funky hostel or a chic hotel in downtown. If you are not on a budget, you can choose to stay in a historic guest house. Majority of the hotel reviewer websites allow you to review hotel before booking.  It is a great way to ensure you have adequate time to explore exotic place around without roaming around to find accommodation.

Palmyra Atoll


Though referred as an Island, the Palmyra is an atoll made up of ring formed by coral formations.  It may sound strange that the island is completely inhabited and the surrounding seas are full of sharks. Despite the reputation as a place of strangeness, the place boasts of exotic beauty. The lush greenery, clear water comes together to create landscapes that you might not get to see anywhere else.

Aleutian Islands


Located in Alaska, it is a perfect travel destination for people who want to explore nature.  Here you can find active volcanoes, stormy seas and harsh weather.  These islands are extremely remote and you will see more animals here than people.  If you are a wildlife lover, you will get several opportunities to view rarely seen creatures against natural backdrops. The Aleutians islands is a bird horrid. Some of the rare birds you can see here are Peregrine falcon, white-tailed eagle, golden eagle, sand hill crane, black crowned night heron, great egret and many more.

Great Sand Dunes


If you like to explore desert and its environment, Great Sand Dunes is a perfect place to visit. Many travelers have a misconception that desert is a horrid place with no beauty element. A visit to Great Sand Dunes will clear this misconception. The Great Sand Dunes have unique land forms that are structured by wind forces. The sand dunes can rise up to 700 feet in height which look just amazing.  If you want to experience adventure, you can go sand sledding and sand boarding. Due to the clear skies, the place is also a good for star gazing at night.

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