A visit to the Death valley in the US


If you are looking for a day full of adventure and fun, a visit to the Death Valley is a must place to visit.   The Death Valley is the lowest point on the surface of the earth.  You should start early to make most out of your one day trip.

Where to stay


Las Vegas is the nearest place from the Death Valley.  Though staying in Las Vegas may seem pricey to many.  You can get cheap hotel rooms on the east or west of the strip.  You can search for cheap hotels online in Vegas to know about best hotel deals. But before you book hotel rooms online, don’t forget to check hotel reviews sites.

Places to stop while exploring the Death Valley


If you are driving from Vegas, stop at Shoshone museum for few minutes. This small museum exhibits a Mammoth Skeleton that is worth watching.  After Jubilee Pass, you can take a halt at Ash-ford Mill, one of the oldest ruins in the Death Valley. From here you can experience the beautiful view of the Death Valley.


The Bad water Basin is one of the popular attractions of the Death Valley. When you come here, don’t forget, you are standing on the lowest point on the earth surface. The place is so low that it makes the mountains surrounding the place look exceedingly large.

When you travel to the north of Bad water Basin, you come across a place known as Devil’s golf course. The place is remnant of a large lake. The salt deposits have created unique landscapes that give you feeling of thousands of golf balls lying around. The artist palette is a unique place in the Death Valley.  Here you get an opportunity to see nature’s amazing creation. You can see multi-colored rocks formed on the top of a black mountain due to volcanic eruptions. 4

Your next stop is Golden Canyon. There are three interesting places to visit which includes the natural bridge which is a natural arch. The two waterfalls do not have any flowing water but you can easily identify the places that are carved by water forces that existed centuries ago. The Ubehebe crater takes you right in the front of the mouth of a volcano. If you are not tired by the traveling, you can take a walk around the rim or go down on a hike in the crater.

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