5 places to visit in Monument valley


The Monument Valley is a beautiful place with sandstone’s masterpieces that stand 400 ft to 1000 ft tall.  That is not all, as the clouds move; you can see shadows graciously moving across the landscape. All this is mesmerizing.

Where to stay


You can either choose to stay at hotels located in Monument valley or you can stay at any hotel in Monument Valley Center area. Hotels located in Monument Valley Center area are 5-10 kms away from the entrance gate. Before you book hotel rooms online, check hotel reviews. If you are looking to save some money, you need to visit hotel reviewer websites that also tell you about various online hotels deals.

Places to visit

  1. Navajo National Monument


TheNavajo National Monument is home to Arizona’s two largest and most ancient ruins – Kiet Seel and Betatakin. These ruins gives you glimpse of how people lived here 900 years ago. The Betatakin Overlook has some very well preserved ruins which includes replicas of ancient hogans, the Native American tribes.

  1. Antelope Canyon


Also known as slot canyons, the Antelope Canyon is one of the most wonderful creations of nature. The canyons are result of red sandstone carved by winds and water forces for centuries.The canyons have narrow passageways only few feet wide. The sloping of the rocks allows light to seep from the canyon rim above till the sandy floor. The Antelope Canyon has featured in several Hollywood movies. It is quite difficult to explain the beauty of this place in words.

  1. Berland Lake


Located at 8000 ft, it is one of the highest lakes in Navajo land. The lake is surrounded by tall mountain pines and rolling grassy hills. The lake provides good opportunities for fishing and boating.

  1. Bisti Badlands


It is a wilderness area that gives you feeling of ancient Navajoland. The place is full with peculiar soft clay formations that spread across the moon-like valley. One of the fascinating thing about this wilderness area is the domes can vanish in front of your eyes due to rainstorms in summer.

  1. Dinosaur Tracks


The name of the place says it all. Here you can see Jurassic theropod tracks, fossilized bones and dinosaur eggs. A good place to see the real dino things.

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