Top 3 roadside attractions in the US


The museums, parks and sites of historical importance are not the only places to visit when you travel to the US. There are several roadside attractions that gives you glimpse of the art that is created by normal citizens.  We are telling you about 3 roadside attractions you should not miss if you visit Texas, Utah, or North Dakota

Where to stay


If you are planning to stay in Texas after visiting the Cadilla Ranch, consider staying at any hotel in South Congress area or Downtown Austin. There are several good hotels in the area that are moderately priced and offer comfortable stay.    Before booking online, visit few hotel reviews sites and compare the rates and amenities offered. There are several hotel reviewer websites that help you get cheap hotels online.

  1. Cadillac Ranch


The Cadillac Ranch is one of the amazing roadside attractionsin the US.  It was built by a group of art hippies from San Francisco in 1974.  The art work was financed by Amarillo billionaire Stanley Marsh 3 who wanted a piece of art that could baffle locals and the hippies came up with the idea of paying tribute to the evolution of Cadillac tail Fin.  Ten Cadillac’s were driven to the spot (one of the Stanley Marsh 3 fields) and half –buried nose down. All Cadillac’s buried in dirt face west and stand at an angle where the Cadillac tail fin is clearly seen.

Over the years, motorist stops at this place to view this roadside attraction and are happy posing with these buried Cadillac’s. Several decades have passed and the Cadillac’s still stand buried in the ground.

  1. Hole’n the Rock


The Hole’n the Rock is the most unique sculpture that was build around a century ago. It is a 5000squarefoot home carved out of Utah Sandstone. The home in the rock is an engineering marvel that took 20 years to complete.  If the engineering fails to marvel you, there is a petting zoo which has some wild animals like Zebra.

This unusual home also has a 65′ chimney and a deep bath tub built into the rock.  The Alberta’s paintings, original furnishings, Gladys’s doll collection and some of the tools remind you of the past and history of this unusual home.

  1. Enchanted Highway


The Enchanted Highway is a 32 mile stretch of highway in the Southwest North Dakota. The main attraction of this stretch of highway is seven sensational crap metal structures. One of the structures”Geese in flight” is listed in the Guinness book of world records as the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. Other structures that are equally mesmerizing are Deer Crossing, Grasshopper, Pheasants of the Prairie, Tin Family, Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again, and Fisherman’s dream.

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