Top 3 US waterfalls that are worth visit


Waterfalls are high on the list of nature lovers as the motion of the water and sounds gives relaxation. Many say the air near the waterfall is the cleanest but most of us visit waterfalls to see the pattern and the striking force with which the water falls from the cliff.  USA has more than 20 waterfalls, each unique and having its own history.  Here are top 3 waterfalls in the USA offering unique sights.

Where to stay

tripreviewer - Where to Stay

The three waterfalls listed fall in state of Arizona, Washington and Hawaii.  Washington DC offers a variety of accommodations and the most suitable one depends on your budget.   You can get a good hotel in your budget near the Metro but you should visit hotel reviewer websites before booking online.

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

Located in Grand Canyon, Arizona, the Havasu Falls is one of the most dramatic waterfalls in the region. It is one of the main waterfalls where the water drops from a height of 90-100 foot cliff straight into a series of plunge pools.  The water has a vivid blue-green color due to high calcium carbonate concentration. It is not easy to reach the Havasu falls and you are required to walk along the hiking trail that takes you straight to the base of the falls.

Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls

Don’t miss this iconic waterfall, when you visit Washington. The height of Palouse Falls is around 200-ft and it is an amazing view for everyone in your family.  The landscape of the Palouse State Park was created by glacial floods and the Palouse Falls continues to be a striking reminder of the unprecedented power of natural forces.  The waterfall is surrounded by basalt cliffs and the trail to the falls is steep and riddled with rocks. If you are interested in picnic by the waterfall, you can also find unsheltered picnic tables on the trail to the falls.

Waihilau Falls

Waihilau Falls

If you desire to view water falling from a higher cliff, the Waihilau Falls is the right place to be. It is the 13th largest waterfall in the world with a height of 2600 feet.  The waterfall has three slender threads of white water falling from the cliff which is covered with thick vegetation.  The access to this waterfall is not easy and only people having the awe feeling make it to the waterfall.  The valley in which the Waihilau falls is located in the area that was once known for volcanic activity.  If you are daring enough to make up to the valley, you will be rewarded with few more tall waterfalls with more than 1000 height such as Wai’ilikahi Falls, Lahomene Falls, and Kakaauki Falls.

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