Top 3 Bizarre tourist attractions in the US

Top 3 Bizarre tourist attractions in the US

America is home to several bizarre tourist attractions; some of them are hard to imagine. Whether you are looking for a house made of paper or a museum dedicated to bananas, there are more chances you will find something of this kind in the US.We are presenting you a list of top 3 bizarre tourist attractions in the US that are worth visit.

  1. Leila’s Hair Museum


It is the only hair museum in the world. The Leila’s hair museum has around 2000 pieces of jewelry pieces and 600 wreath pieces made of human hair.The hair jewelry displayed in the museum was worn by men and women during Victorian Period (1800 to 1900).The museum has collection of pieces which has hair strands of the famous ones like Queen Victoria, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and even four presidents of the US.Every piece in the museum has some history behind it which tells us why it was made in the first place.

The Leila’s Hair Museum is located in Missouri.You can stay near the Interstate 170 or you can choose to stay at any hotel near Leila’s hair Museum. No matter what place you decide to stay, visit few hotel reviewer websites to see the amenities and rates charged by hotels in different areas. The reviewer websites can provide you cheap hotels online thereby allowing you to save good amount.

  1. The Mystery Spot


Located in California, the Mystery spot is a place of gravitational anomaly. The Mystery spot is around 150 feet in diameter. At this place your perception of laws of physics and gravity are questioned.When you enter this place, you have a mental illusion of leaning forward all the time.The more close you go to the Mystery spot, the higher is the weird effect of gravitational anomaly. It’s hard to explain, you can only feel the thrill when you visit the Mystery spot.

  1. The Paper House


The Paper House is one of the unique things you will see when you visit Massachusetts. Mr. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer by profession started building a house out of paper as a hobby in 1922.He preferred using paper as building material due to its good insulation properties. Not only the house but the furniture and some decorative pieces inside the house are also made of paper.

You will find some unimaginable items made of paper such as a piano which is made of newspapers only and the desk and chair made of paper. The interesting part is you can read the newspaper used to build walls especially where the tarnish has worn out.

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