3 best tourist attractions in USA that you have never heard of


The US is filled with several amazing sights. It is quite common phenomenon to get attracted towards most talked about tourist attractions and totally forget about less talked ones. We have compiled a list of top 3 tourist attractions in the US that you have never heard of.

Ash fall Fossil Beds

Ashfall Fossil Beds

You might have heard about elimination of dinosaurs by super volcanic eruption, you can get to see the aftermath of the event at Ash fall Fossil Beds. At this place you can find well preserved fossils of hundred of animals which roamed Nebraska grasslands freely around 12 million years ago. As per fossil records, hundreds of animals died together when Idaho was covered with volcanic ash after eruption of volcano.

The animals died and got covered with volcanic ash with their last meals in the stomach. The site has more than 200 fossil skeletons of 12 different species of mammals. The animal fossils at the site have more than 3 species of horses, camels, rhinos, saber toothed deer, dogs, turtles and birds.

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum

Located at 70 Las Vegas Boulevard North, the Neon Museum opened in 2012.The museum is spread over 2 acres and has more than 200 neon signs in its collection.The Boneyard which is the outdoor exhibition space area holds several restored and rescued neon signs. The collection of neon sign is used for educational purposes and also at weddings and events. There are around nine restored signs that includes some of the famous neon signs such as The Silver Slipper, 5th Street Liquors, the Norman die Motel, Lucky Cuss Motel, Binion’s Horseshoe, the Hacienda horse and rider, the Bow & Arrow Motel, Society Cleaners,and the Landmark.

If you are visiting Las Vegas, consider staying in Las Vegas Boulevard, a.k.a. “the Strip area. Staying here will allow you to enjoy the evening when the Strip area comes live with brightly lit Neon signs, spectacular water shows and giant LED displays.To know about cheap hotels online, visit Las Vegas hotel reviews sites and get all information about the rates and amenities offered.

International Peace garden

International Peace garden

Located on the border of Manitoba, Canada and North Dakota, USA, the place serves as token of friendship between two developed countries. The botanical garden encompasses an area of 2,339 acres and there are several interesting places to visit in the garden. Some of the places worth visiting are the 9/11 memorial, the floral clock and the bell tower.The garden has a cairn build to stones from North Dakota and Manitoba which are inscribed with words” a promise of peace”

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