Best honeymoon destinations in the US

After the wedding, honeymoon is a first step of the couple towards living together.There are several exotic honeymoon destinations in the US that are ideal to start your life’s journey together . We tell you about 3 honeymoon destinations in the US that you can consider.You can find in traveler honeymoon destinations online.

The Big Island – Hawaii


It is a no secret that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to visit on our planet.The Big Island is just Majestic.The island has everything a married couple could desire; snow-covered peaks, black sand beaches, lush forests and hardened lava deserts.The main attraction of the Big Island is the lava splitting Kilauea volcano which is increasing the Island’s area since 1980’s.The state parks and hiking trails offer you amazing sigh-seeing opportunities that cannot be experienced elsewhere. If you are not interested in hiking, you can always relax on beach and enjoy the serene, calm, honeymoon-esque atmosphere.

If you are visiting Hawaii, you can either choose to stay in a hotel near the west side beaches. Before you book hotel rooms online, don’t forget to findhotel reviews. There are several good hotels that offer best guest experience at affordable costs.


Charleston offers best romantic setting for couple on honeymoon.The city is known for its unparalled beauty, charm and unique attractions. Cobblestone walks, centuries old mansions, gas lamp lit streets and horse carriages make you think you have travelled back in time.Charleston has some of the best museums and innovative restaurants and the world-class Spoleto Festival USA.

Downtown Charleston is a walking city which means a beautiful opportunity for couple to be together ,d be alone and enjoy romantic conversations that are full of plans for beautiful life together. The walk in the downtown gives you opportunity to watch most beautiful architecture and gardens that are not found elsewhere.There is so much to enjoy together- exploring the beaches or dining at city’s award winning eateries.

Lake Tahoe


Extra-ordinary, mind-boggling are some of the words used to describe the beauty of Lake Tahoe.The steep granite cliff sides, crystal clear water and towering mountaintops make the Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The visit to this stunning lake is an experience in itself. The scenic vistas around the lake give you several opportunities to click happy memories. Go swimming, play Golf, or enjoy Skiing, there is so much to do at Lake Tahoe than watching natural beauty.Couple who like passive enjoyment can take scenic cruises or take hot balloon adventures that gives you bird view of the Lake Tahoe and the surroundings.

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