3 must see art museums in NYC


There is a saying “Best things in life come for free.” This can be the main reason to visit an art museum.   Museums are not just for art lovers.  Art is a form of meditation for many and a visit to an art museum clears your mind like nothing else.  If you want to unleash your creative juices, you must not miss this 3 art museums when you visit New York City.

Where to stay

If you are planning your trip around visit to art museums, you should visit NYC. You have several  options of staying like hotels at the Soho Village, the Upper West Side or in Greenwich Village. No matter where you stay, don’t forget to check Traveler reviews Online.  These websites can give you good online hotel deals, Trip reviews , restaurant reviews  that will help save some money

  1. National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art

The Sculpture Garden is one of the best things you will see in this art trip. It is impossible to pick a favorite in 17 sculptures in this art gallery.   If you visit in winter, you will be amazed by the cherry blossoms that make the garden more picturesque.  The Golden Age of Renaissance Bronzes Exhibition is another thing worth mentioning. The bronzes of religious leaders and important politicians from ancient Rome are exquisite.  The baffling thing is the finer details of the statues that makes it a must see exhibition.

  1. Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

Art museums need not be serious and you will experience it when you visit Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.  It is one of the enjoyable and fascinating museums in NYC. Even your kids will enjoy trip to this museum.  One of the exhibitions worth mention is The Artists of Batman Exhibition. You will be surprised to know Batman is not a creation of single artist. Here you will see different versions of batman with his enemies.  The gallery of cartoon is vast and really interesting. No matter what you like cartoons, animes or graphic novels, you will definitely find it here.

  1. New York Museum of Modern Art

This art museum has impressive collection of art that includes photos, architectures, paintings, films and books.  The painting collection of Cloud Monet will awestruck you. He was the most impressionist painter of all times. Cloud Monet loved painting water lilies and had the incredible ability to capture the details of the reflection of the water and the natural scenery. MOMA also has famous paintings of Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

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