3 NYC hotels for brunch that you should not miss


When we visit any new place, we are also looking to discover unique flavors that make up area’s culinary identity. New York City is known for its life on the fast lane and eateries offering sumptuous delicious meals.   We tell you about 5 NYC hotels that can provide you perfect dining experience when you visit the city.

Bagatelle Restaurant


Located in the Meat packing district, the restaurant is one of the finest places to have brunch when visiting NYC.  It is one of the spacious restaurants you will find in NYC. The restaurant offers awide range of non-vegetarian dishes; some of them being the signature dishes of this place. Meat lovers can try the pan-seared duck, roasted chicken dishes doused with truffles, striped bass baked in banana leaf or the famous steak au poivre.  The restaurant offers good quality wines that come straight from French vineyards. If you have asweet tooth, you can try crème brûlée or the dark chocolate mousse.

Balthazar Restaurant

If you want to experience best French cuisine without visiting Paris, come to Balthazar restaurant.  The experience at this restaurant will give you a feeling of dining in Paris while you are physically present in Big Apple.   The atmosphere at the restaurant is like a bustling railway station but surely a French one. The architecture, lighting in the restaurant gives you a feeling of dining in finest French brasserie of the early 20th century.  The food in Balthazar Restaurant is solid which will sensationalize your taste buds.  The bread is excellent so are dishes like chicken liver with foie gras mousse, warm goat cheese onion tart, steak fries, grilled trout, and duck shepherd’s pie.

The Clock tower


If you want to taste delicacies prepared by Jason Atherton, come to the Clock tower which is his debut restaurant at Big Apple.  The restaurant serves several fine drinks   and beverages that include Old Fashioned, a favorite cocktail with iced coffee and American Cereal Killer. The Clock tower also offers classic wines from across the world. Some of the dishes you will like here are chicken cornflakes and egg where the yolk becomes broth. Also, try the roasted scallops paired with squid ragout and nuggets of bacon. The restaurant also serves good desserts that will sweeten the memories.

Where to stay

Since most of the famous restaurants on our list are located at Big Apple, find an accommodation nearby so you can visit all restaurants we have mentioned. Don’t forget to check hotel reviewer websites before booking hotels online

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