Best food trucks in Miami for sumptuous food











If you are looking forefinger-licking awesome food without emptying your pockets, the food trucks are the places to go.  Eating at a food truck is a kind of social activity that can enrich a traveler’s experience. Miami has several popular food trucks that attract residents and tourists alike. We are telling you about best food trucks that serve great food and you will return to the hotel room happy and satiated.

Dim Ssam a Go-Go










You can find this food truck all over the city and you can know about its location on a specific day from its website.  Like every food truck, the Dim Ssam a Go-Go also has its special dish. If you visit this food truck, try the grilled chicken breast with garlic and ginger sauce, peanut and brown rice. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget the chocolate chip cookie.   The food truck has a quite big menu that will tease your appetite.  If you are not here for a full meal, try the Sandwiches and Salads or grab an Angus Beef burger or a hotdog.

El Rey de Las Fritas










Looking to taste some authentic Cuban food, visit El Rey de Las Fritas.  The food truck has been serving Miami residents since last 40 years and if you are on a trip to Miami, don’t forget to visit this awesome food truck. Located in Little Havana, the Frita Cubana is one of the famous dish served by this food truck. For those who don’t know, the Frita is a patty made of ground beef and chorizo that is seasoned with special seasonings and topped with crispy potato sticks. The food truck also serves good Cuban meal options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers.











Typically you need to go to Wynwood area to eat at this food truck. But there are chances you might find it elsewhere. To know its exact location, post an inquiry on their Twitter handle (@gastropodMiami). The best thing about this food truck is its menu is always evolving and you will find dishes made from seasonal fish, meats that are produced with experimental techniques. It is one of the best inventive restaurants in the word that presents the best fusion cuisine with global influences.

Where to stay

If you are looking for a comfortable stay without spending much, you need to look for a hotel in South Beach area. Downtown Miami also has some good hotels and you also have good places eat, drink, or shop nearby.  To get the best online hotel deals, visit hotel reviews sites and know about the rates and comforts offered.

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