Best college campuses in USA


America has some of the best college campuses.If you asked the architects who have designed the campuses they will tell that campuses are made so beautiful to sway non-decisive students and also attract tourists. The visual appeal of these beautiful campuses comes in the form of beautiful architecture, landscaping, and surroundings. We tell you about best college campuses that are worth your time.

Augustana College


Located in Rock Island, Illinois, the college campus is astonethrowaway from Mississippi river.The college was founded by Swedish immigrants. The main building of the college looks more like thebuilding of Uppsala University which is the oldest university in Sweden. The buildings in the campus have heavy European influence that can be seen in its stained glass windows and the dome

UC Berkeley


The Sather tower at the University of California, Berkeley is the third largest clock tower in the world.It’s not just the tower that attracts tourists. The 1,232-acre campus has several iconic buildings. To start with tourists are amazes with Hearst Memorial Mining Building that is a traditional European-style structure designed by renowned architect John Galen Howard. The most amazing that you will find is you can see the complete reflection of this building in the pool that is right in front of the building.The Berkley’s Greek theater is another show-stopper in the UC Berkeley campus. It is modeled after Epidaurus’s ancient Greek amphitheater.

Berry College


Set in Mt. Berry, Georgia, the Berry College campus spread across 27,000 acres of Georgia forests, mountains, and woods.Here you can find horses, bicycles readily available to roam across the campus.The college also offers archery deer hunts in the fall season. There are several awe-inspiring buildings in the campus like English Gothic-inspired building with a clock tower, Ford Auditorium, and a reflecting pool that makes the campus more glorious.

Northwestern University


Located in Evans ton, Illinois, the campus is the best place to watch thesunset. The campus offers several objects of Architectural beauty that include buildings of collegiate Gothic styles to modern buildings made of steel and glass.The campus of the Northwestern University spans across 240 acres. The stained glass windows of the Alice Miller Chapel are impressive. One of the places you must visit is the place where students paint a message on the boulder as advertisements.

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