Driving in the US- things tourist you should know


Many tourists prefer driving their tourist destinations by car.  However, before you take the decision to drive in the US, there are certain things that you need to know. We are telling you about some important things that will help you adjust to driving conditions and prevent accidents.

Adjust to US Driving style


In all states of the US, traffic drives on the right-hand side. If you are from a country driving on the left, it is bound to create confusion. You need to be careful while driving through one-way streets and junctions. If you are not familiar with driving on the right, you need to get adjust to the new driving orientation.

At major junctions, there are green arrow signs for left-hand turn lanes. However, you might also find sign posts for certain lanes that say ‘RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT’, they mean what they say. Also, you need to signal while changing lanes in freeways, it is a common driving rule followed by Americans.Use of horn is prohibited in cities so ensure you follow the rules wherever you see a sign of “No Horn”

Understanding the signs on the road

A yellow line is used to mark theseparation of traffic lanes in opposite direction.  White broken lines are used to separate lanes moving in the same direction.  If you see a yellow solid line to the right (on your side) of the centre yellow line, it means passing is prohibited. If you see two yellow lines, it means passing is prohibited in both directions.  If you see road marked with solid yellow lines, it means the section is marked as “No Passing Zone”.

Using headlights


You are required to use low beams after dark. It is okay to drive the car at night with high beams but you need to switch to lower beams when a vehicle approaches closer (around 500ft). Headlight flashing means different in different countries.  In America, flashing headlights mean “me first”.

 Know the US traffic lights


The general sequence of traffic lights is red, green, yellow and red again. However, in some places, the traffic light sequence is limited to two colors – Red and Green. In some cases, you may find three color sequences. If you see a yellow traffic light, it generally means you need to stop your car by the yellow line. The traffic lights are set far at a junction, so you need to be vigilant. Also, it is quite common to see traffic lights strung across the road instead of fixed on posts by the roadside.

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