Travelers’ guide to best snorkelling spots in Florida


Snorkelling is a good way to explore the underwater world. Even if you have never been underwater, you can still enjoy snorkelling. For those who don’t’ know, Snorkeling refers swimming through the body of water by wearing a mask which is also called goggles that keeps water from entering your eyes. The diving mask has a snorkel tube that lets you breathe comfortably even while exploring underwater.

Snorkelling is a more preferred way of exploring marine life in the ocean as it does not involve wearing heavy swimming gear like scuba diving. If you are visiting Florida in the US, there are several good places for snorkelling. We are telling you about best snorkelling spots in South Florida.

Cannon Beach


It is one of the best snorkelling spots in Florida. Many tourists wanting to enjoy snorkelling travel to Pennekamp State Park which has remnants of Spanish shipwreck that is just 100 feet away from the beach. You will find a variety of marine life congregate around the encrusted cannons and anchor. Many tourists have reported seeing large barracuda and tarpon while snorkelling at Cannon beach.

Indian Key Historic State Park


Located few yards to the south-east of Florida Keys, the small island is part of the Florida State park system. The island has an ancient coral reef. The shores are sharp and the craggy coral rocks make the place an attractive home for a wide variety of marine life. If you are interested in snorkelling here, you should look for shell encrusted bench that will give you good access to marine life in the coral reef.

Red Reef Park


The Red Reef is a special snorkelling place you will not find elsewhere. The reef has an extensive set of natural coral rocks right off the beach that is only 4 to 6 feet deep. The red reef is full of amazing fish that includes parrotfish, blue tangs, serjeant majors, snappers, and you might also see a barracuda while snorkelling here

Peanut Island, Riviera Beach


It is a manmade island located in the middle of Port of Palm Beach. The location is directly in the mouth of the inlet that makes it attractive for a wide variety of marine life that includes rays, small sharks, and manatees. It is also one of the easy access snorkelling spots in South Florida

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