4 Things you may not know about Washington DC


We all know Washington DC as the capital of the US. Whenever we think of this city, some of the things that come to our mind are White House and the politicians moving around the city. But the city has much more to offer – especially for the tourist. We are telling you 5 things about Washington DC that many people don’t know.These things about Washington DC will change your perspective of looking at it.

  1. The Capital Is a Museum Lover’s Paradise


If you are a history buff or a person who is always interested to know about fascinating things, you will love Washington DC and its museums.There are more than 20 museums in the capital. The ones that are high on the tourist lists are International spy museum, Madame Tussaud wax museum, national air and space museum, United States Holocaust Museum. The best thing about museums in the capital is they are admission free.

  1. The District of Columbia Is a Biker’s Paradise


Do you know Washington DC is the most walk able city in the US?The city council has done a good job of clustering the development around Metro stations and the city also has a good public transportation system. Over the last few years, DC has added several bike lanes in the downtown area to encourage people to consider bicycles as a primary mode of transportation.The city has more than 60 miles of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian trails.

  1. The Cherry Blossom Festival Is the Best Event of the Year


The Cherry Blossom Festival is considered as the Nation’s Greatest Springtime Celebration time. It starts from late March and continues until the end of April. You will be awed by the scenic beauty around when you walk in the city.There is no doubt you will be mesmerized by the blossoming white and pink trees around you.

  1. Old Town Alexandria Is an Amazing Place to Visit


Old Town Alexandria is the heart of the city. It is a beautifully-preserved historic district on the Potomac River. The town has red brick sidewalls and cobblestone streets that hum with an energy that attracts tourists. The town has a wealth of architecture and museums that make it an amazing place to visit.

Where to Stay

The right place to stay depends on the type of accommodation and the amount you are willing to spend. Hotels in Washington business districts are bit expensive while hotels in Virginia, Alexandria, and Arlington are less expensive.To get the best hotel online deals, visit  online hotel reviewer websites.


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