3 must see place in the US for Foliage colors


Fall foliage trips offer you the best scenery.When the weather turns crisp and days shorten, nature unveils its magic by bringing out all colors in the surroundings that you can only imagine.Panoramic views, crisp air and changing palette of trees are some of the wonders you can only see during changing season. We are telling you about best places to visit in the US for foliage colors.

Aspen, Colorado


The town is named after the famous tree, Aspen that is an extraordinary specimen of nature.When the sun shines bright, Aspen leaves turn into a rich yellow hue and the leaves literally, shimmer in the sun. The golden tone of Aspen leaves against the craggy mountain peaks and the evergreens creates a beautiful contrast which is a visual feast to your eyes.The fall season of Aspen is short and to get the best views you should visit Aspen in mid-September.Hotels in downtown Aspen are moderately priced. To get the best online hotel deals, search on the Internet.

The Catskills, New York


The Catskills area in New York spreads across 6000 miles and is home to 35 mountain peaks that stand more than 3,500 feet high and 6 major river systems.The Catskills area is at its vibrant best in the fall season when reds, yellows, and orange colors electrify the thickly wooded hillsides. The best time to visit the Catskills for foliage colors is last 2 weeks of September. The Catskills area is famous for small lodging establishments also knows as B&Bs. To get information of best B&BS inns, visit hotel reviewer sites and learn from past guests experience and book your accommodation wisely after reading reviews.

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


The Columbia river gorge that cuts into the Cascade mountains is already a sublime sight. During the Fall season the twisted pines, the firs, big leaf maples, and cottonwoods start showing their colors. The whole scenery is breathtaking.You can watch the foliage colors while driving along the Columbia river or while kayaking or rafting down the river. If you want to have a closer look, you can go hiking on a variety of trails in the region. Mid-September is the best time to view foliage colors.There are several hotels closer to the Columbia River gorge  that offer you the best views of the Gorge and the 208-foot Wah Gwin Gwin waterfall.Before booking online hotels, don’t forget to check the reviews.

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