4 best surfing spots in America


It is no secret that surfing is fun. It is hard to find a person who does not like the feeling of sliding or walking on water.This water board sport is so addictive that you would not mind the cold water, choppy waters or one-foot waves you just feel to dive in, the moment you reach the beach.Finding the best waves is always an adventure and there is no better thing than to find places that are surfing heavens. We tell you about 5 best surfing spots in the US where you will find the waves with best ride ability, consistency, and swell size.

  1. Montauk Point, NY


Mont auk Point is one of the best surfing sites in the US.The waves at this place are raw and exposed.The place has all elements a surfer needs. The average temperature of the water is around 55 degree Celsius.The waves are consistent and a variety of breaks in the area makes surfing more exciting. You can find reef and sandbars along the coastline and various point breaks that provide ideal conditions for different styles of surfing.

  1. Ocean City, NJ


It is one of the most established surfing spots and considered Surfing Mecca of the Northeast. The town has produced some of the best surfers in the history such as Dean Randazzo, Rob Kelly, Matt Keenan and many more. The beaches here are less crowded but the waves are bigger that makes it ideal for surfing.The waves are consistent and considered safe for surfing. The gradually sloped but fairly flat beaches of Ocean City break the waves perfectly. The clear water has very less potential hazards that make surfing safer.

  1. Ruggles in Newport, RI


It is one of the legitimate big-wave surf spots on the East coast.The coastline has an exposed reef that breaks the waves. However, you need a serious boarding experience to surf the huge waves.The farthest point of the beaches is specifically known for large waves that curve to form sizable barrels you can slide through.

  1. Hampton Beach, NH


The Hampton Beach is not that big but that it does have all elements needed for good surfing activity.The beach is protected from northeast winds and the waves are consistent. This surfing spot is less crowded and even if it crowded you can ride small waves that are consistent on the beach

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