Best spots to view in Manhattan skyline








Manhattan has an impressive skyline you will love to look at. The island is considered to be the skyscraper capital of the globe.The Manhattan area has several notable high-rise buildings like the Chrysler Building standing 1,046 feet tall and Empire State Building that stands 1,250 feet high. The Manhattan skyline is expected to become more attractive with six super tall buildings coming up in the area.If you want the best views of Manhattan skyline, go to these 5 spots and enjoy outstanding skyline views.

Top of the Rock








Many people know it as 30’s Rock but the original name is 30 Rockefeller Plaza building which stands 850 feet tall. It is a 70 storey high building that was built in 1988 and still remains 13th tallest building in New York City. The building is headquarters of NBC and the sleek Deco form of the building makes it a gem of the city.The Top of the Rock is a three –tiered observation deck at the 30 Rockefeller Plaza building that gives you panoramic vistas of the NYC skyline.The 30 Rockefeller Plaza building is closer to Central Park and from the observation deck, you get an iconic view of the Central Park surrounded by Skyscrapers.The observation deck is completely open air at the top and there are no security fences to obstruct views.The place is juts right to snap amazing photos of the Manhattan skyline.

Empire State building








Though it has lost the crown of being the tallest building in the world, the Empire State building continues to be an iconic building in NYC.The building is a 102-storey tower that rises over a quarter mile over Manhattan thus taking to you a height where you can view the Manhattan skyline comfortably. The empire state building has an observatory deck on the 86th and 102nd floor that gives you apanoramic view of NYC.If the skies are clear, you can see all the way to Pennsylvania, Connecticut,Massachusetts, and New Jersey from the observatory deck. The view of the NYC skyline at night is equally panoramic when the city glows in lights of all colors.

Fort Tryon Park








The Fort Tryon Park is the highest natural point in Manhattan.It is one of the places that offer you great unobstructed views of Manhattan skyline and other important places like the George Washington Bridge and Hudson River.The park is a great retreat from the hustle bustle of the city. The park experience is enhanced by shaded promenades, walking paths and wooded groves.

Where to stay

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