Best US national parks for Wild life spotting


Spotting animals in their wild habitat is an exciting thing that we can’t experience everywhere. For this, we need to go to national parks that offer good insight into the wildlife. We are going to tell you about some of the best national parks in the US where you are more likely to see wild animals roaming free just like you see them on NGC or Discovery channel programs.

Yellowstone National Park, WY


Located over a volcanic hot spot, the Yellowstone National park has 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness.It is home to hundreds of wild animal species that includes wolves, bear, elk, antelope, and bison.The Yellowstone National park is considered to have thehighest concentration of wildlife in all 48 states of the US. The park has more than 67 different mammal species. Some of the common sighted animals and birds here are mule deer, grizzly and black bears, mountain lions, bald eagles, bighorn sheep and bison, elk,  coyotes, wolverines,, and pronghorn(an antelope-like animal that run at speeds of 60 miles per hour). The Lamar Valley is the best place to spot wolves while Hayden Valley is thebest place to spot bison, elk, and grizzly.

Everglades National Park, FL


With 1.5 million acres of area, the Everglades National Park is one of the biggest subtropical wildernesses in the country.It is unique because you can see three different ecosystems (seawater, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems) collide with each other.This is the only place where you can see a large number of flamingos and crocodiles. There are several other marshy inhabitants like wood storks, bobcats, egrets,ibises that live in salt-tolerant mangrove forests.If you are lucky, you might also spot some endangered species like rare Florida panthers and manatees.To get closer to wildlife, you need to explore the park by kayak, boat or canoe.

Glacier National Park, MT

The Glacier National Park encompasses more than million acres of area that includes pristine forests, glacier-capped mountains and more than 200 lakes.The park is home to largest grizzly population and you can find more than 250 species of birds here. If that is not enough, you can also find mountain lions, white-tailed deer, lynx, mountain goats, moose, golden and bald eagles here.You can find moose near streams and at lower elevations while grizzlies are found on the trail leading to Golden wall.

Where to stay

There are multitudes of accommodation options when you travel to these states where these national parks are located. Before booking online, check hotel reviewer websites for rates and facilities offered.


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