5 Stunning glaciers in the US that you must visit

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People love glaciers. It is just amazing to see what a river of ice looks like. Besides the curiosity, glaciers look beautiful and glacial mountains attract mountaineers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and photographers. Not many people know the US has several glaciers that are an epitome of beauty. We are telling you about 5 stunning glaciers in the US that you must visit.

Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska


It is 13.6 miles long glacier located near downtown Juneau. Also known as “Glacier behind the little lake”, the Mendenhall glacier looks beautiful and it is impossible to explain its beauty in words. It’s something that can be only experienced. The views of the glacier are just breathtaking. The glacier also has hidden caves where the roof of the cave is made thick sheets of ice. The walls are also made of ice and the water flows through the rocks on the ground. You won’t realize how small you are until you stand in front of this natural beauty.

Grasshopper Glacier, Montana


Located in the Beartooth Mountains, the Grasshopper glacier is an amazing place to visit. The name of the glacier is due to the myriads of grasshoppers found entombed in the ice. The species of grasshoppers are now extinct. The top of the glacier is hard to reach in poor weather conditions but you can always reach the top by foot. The melting of snow has created a gorgeous alpine lake that is astonishingly beautiful.

Blackfoot Glacier, Montana


It is the 2nd largest glacier in Montana. The glacier is a hiker’s paradise and anyone who seeks solitude and experience wilderness needs to visit Blackfoot glacier. The hiking trails have some of the most beautiful lakes, pristine forests, alpine meadows, and rugged peaks that offer several good photography opportunities

Entiat Glacier,Washington


Located in Wenatchee National Forest in the state of Washington, the Entiat glacier offers spectacular hiking opportunities to experience diverse beauty – sprawling lawns bursting with wild flowers, alpine lakes with sparkling ice water, cool sub alpine forests, and abundant wildlife. Reaching the cloud-piercing craggy summits is an amazing experience.

Zigzag Glacier, Oregon


The Zigzag glacier offers an astounding view of the magnificent Zigzag canyon. To get the best view of the glacier, take an off-trail route and you will enjoy every bit of alpine splendor on the way to summit. The uphill geologic view is just fantastic.

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Wow beautiful glaciers. So far only Mendenhall checked. Gotta work on the rest!


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