Top 5 Saltwater finishing spots in the USA


top-5-saltwater-finishing-spots-in-the-usNothing brings the sense of being alive like interacting with nature. Fishing is a great water sport as it takes us away from the everyday environment, full of stress.  There are several saltwater fishing spots in the US that bring you the extreme joy of angling.

  1. Montauk, New York


Dubbed as the “fishing capital of the world”, Montauk attracts a large number of anglers due to its proximity to NYC. The reason is a large number of migrating fish from Maine and Long   pass from this location to reach popular locations in North Florida.  Majority of the anglers enjoy fishing for Striped Bass.  It is quite common to catch a 30-40 pound bass in the months between May to October.  You can literally see hundreds of bass thumping against the water surface.

  1. Galveston, Texas


The barrier between Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico makes the area good for anglers.  Unlike other fishing spots, Galveston offers round the year good fishing opportunities and you have options of varieties of fish like the red fish, speckled trout, and tarponin the bay.  The Gulf also offers world-class fish varieties like king mackerel, sailfish, and red snapper.

  1. San Diego, California


The waters of San Diego hold some of the biggest fish.  This saltwater fishing spot offers year round fishing opportunities and you also have a variety catch.  Spotted bay bass can be easily spotted here making fishing more fun.  If you are up for an adventure, you can go for a multi-day trip off offshore to fish giant tuna. The waters in this area are some of the most productive tuna waters and you should be daring enough to go for it

  1. Southeast Louisiana


The Southeast Louisiana is located at the end of the famous river Mississippi. Here the Mississippi delta meets the Gulf of Mexico creating one of the best saltwater fishing spots in the US.  The marshy bays are home to different species of fish like speckled trout, black drum, sheepshead, flounder, and red fish.

  1. Panama City Beach, Florida


The Panama City Beach gives you the best access to inshore and off.  The clear inshore waters of the Gulf are known for a variety of fish species including sea trout, tarpon, flounder, and red fish. Offshore you can find fish varieties like tuna, blue marlin, king mackerel, cobia, and dolphin. Fish trips of 7 hours can be extremely rewarding. For best fishing opportunities, you should be daring enough to go 50+ miles offshore

Where to stay

You have several types of accommodation to choose from when visiting the saltwater fishing spots mentioned above.  To get best online hotel deals, check few traveler hotel reviews online.

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