America’s best swimming holes in the wild


Swimming in wild can be a thrilling experience. In summer when the mercury shoots up, the best place to cool down would be a natural swimming hole that helps you find relief from scorching heat amidst beautiful scenery.There are several natural pools in the US that offer a secluded experience where you can shrug off your responsibilities and become a child once again.Here are some of the best swimming holes in the wild that you can visit while in the US.

Little River Canyon, Alabama


The Little River flowing across the top of Lookout Mountain drops in the Little River Canyon to create a perfect swimming hole.The canyon measuring around 600 feet is the deepest swimming hole in Mississippi. This wild swimming hole is bordered by broad-faced cliff sand you will see many large blocks of sandstone protruding out of the water.

Red fish Lake, Idaho


The Red fish Lake is a strong reason to explore the back country. The lake has a stunning backdrop of snow capped mountains and greenery. The lake is around 5 miles long, 1 mile wide and 387 feet deep.The lake has some designated areas for swimming where even kids can swim. The sandy beaches of the lake are perfect for swimming.

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska


Known as Nature’s Hot tub, the Chena Hot Springs gives you a different swimming experience.The swimming hole is always filled with water that has a temperature of 106 degrees.The mineral composition of the hot spring water is good for skin.The hot spring water contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

Homestead Crater, Utah


The Homestead Crater is a secret swimming hole that very few people know about.The crater was formed when snow water seeped deep below the ground.Two miles below the earth’s interior heated the water. As the hot water percolated upwards, it brought along with it minerals that were deposited on the surface creating a crater like shape filled with hot water.The water hole is covered from all sides except the dome on the top which lets the sunlight and fresh air seep inside the crater. There is no doubt; swimming in the homestead crater is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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