Travelers Trip – How to not miss a flight?

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Missing a flight can be a nightmare for the traveler. The stress of arriving at the airport with few minutes to spare, the tension-filled rush to the gate and the sinking feeling you get when you see your plane soaring in the sky is something that can be avoided. Here are few tips from frequent travelers who have been through the feelings of a missed flight and have learned the art of not missing a flight.

Learn how to get through security quickly

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TSA pre-check takes considerable time. But you can ensure the security check completes faster by packing your hand luggage strategically. Keep things that would be asked to be removed on the top. Keep the toiletries in a separate bag. Minimize or don’t carry anything like fancy earrings or belts that will cause the security scanner to beep an alarm. Maintain your cool and be polite to the staff.

If you feel the time is slipping away fast, ask people nicely and get ahead in the queue. Explain why you need to hurry and many people will understand your problem and let you go ahead.

Use the airport lounge

By arriving early at the airport, you can save yourself from the hurry and last minute worries about missing the flight.You can arrive early, get your paperwork and TSA pre-check done and then clear the security check.If you have an hour or less to spare, you can take rest in the airport lounge before boarding the plane.You can utilize the spare time to have food, or do some work until you hear the announcement to board the flight.This way you can ensure your time is not wasted by arriving early at the airport.

Never lose focus from your departure

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Many times travelers miss flight as they lose track of time while shopping at the airport. So the first thing to do is set an alarm- 15 minutes prior boarding time to ensure you never lose focus from departure.You can do shopping at shops near departure gate to ensure you don’t lose precious time reaching the boarding gate.

Bring your own food

Buying food at the airport is one of the biggest time wasters.You can bring your own food in your bag and head straight to the boarding gate.

Have faith in wisdom of others

You can look for tips from frequent travelers and trust their advice.They have been through this and have mastered the art of flying by air.

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