5 best places to spend New Year Eve in America

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and it’s time you decide where you want to spend it. Are you looking to spend the New Year’s Eve on a jam-packed street full of magical lights or you want to spend it in the family friendly event in a lesser known town? Whatever your choice, America offers you several options to welcome the year 2017 with a big bang. Here are 5 best places to spend New Year Eve in America.

  1. Santa Fe


If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet celebration of New Year’s Eve, Santa Fe is the place to be. The pleasant weather of this place makes it the best destination for year-end Shopping. Santa Fe is well known for its indie boutiques, vintage shops, galleries, museums, and antiques.

  1. Providence, Rhode Island


Providence is a place for art driven people. If you long to spend New Year’s Eve watching theater and performances, you need to head to Providence. This place is also ideal for people who want to avoid crowded places on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Times Square, NYC


The New Year’s Eve ball drop is one of the most attended events in the world. The ball’s design has been improving every year with the advancement of display technology. The New Year’s Eve at Times Square is attended by more than 2 million spectators and the event is broadcasted on several national and international news channels. The festivities at Times square begin the early evening at around 6:00 pm with the raising of the ball. The attendees are also given large hats, balloons and other items from the event’s corporate sponsors.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii


You can see the best firework displays on New Year’s Eve at the Aloha Tower Marketplace and Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. It is one of the family friendly New Year Eve’s destination where you can carry kids along. Here you will find something for everyone in the family like carnival rides for the children, food trucks, beer garden and multiple stages of entertainment. If you are not accompanied by your children, you can go to any hot bashes, dress up parties and enjoy music played by hottest DJ’s in town.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is a happening place on New Year’s Eve with more than 300,000 fellow party-goers joining you in the festivities. The entire strip in Las Vegas is shut down for traffic on 31st night and the place is converted in the giant block party. At midnight, the casino’s launch choreographed display of fireworks that even puts the fireworks at Times Square in NYC to shame. On the New Year’s Eve, there are many party venues you can join.

Where to stay

You need to plan your New Year’s Eve celebration in advance as getting accommodation during the holiday season can be bit difficult. You can always book hotel rooms online. Before booking online, don’t forget to check Las Vegas hotel reviews.

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