America’s best scuba diving locations


There is a world on our Earth that we have only seen in pictures and programs shown on National Geographic Channel, and Discovery.  If you feeling gravity is bringing you down, why not head underwater to experience weightlessness.  The wonderful part of scuba diving is you get opportunity parts of world that you cannot see otherwise.  Here is the list of best scuba diving locations in the US

Wall of Life aka Susan’s Hooters at Inian Islands, Al


It is one of the best diving sites that offer prolific diversity in marine life.  The site explodes with wide variety of corals of all shapes, sizes and colors; pink, yellow, and purple soft corals.  Here you can see 40-ffot long patch which is recently discovered new type of coral. Divers get the opportunity to see hundreds of nudibranchs, wolf eels, octopuses and sea lions.

Wooden Fingers at Baranof Island, Al


Located on the south end of Baran of Island, the site is home to diverse marine life due to its rocky formations.  If you dive between the channels, you can encounter wolf eels, giant Pacific Octopuses, krill, lots of metridium (sea anemones) and red Irish lords.

Ralph’s Ridge at Santa Barbara Island, CA

It is one of the best diving sites where you won’t mind living for days. It is a perfect haven for all types of marine life that comes from open Pacific due to dense forest of swaying kelps.  Divers have encountered variety of marine life including harbor seals, sea lions, blue sharks, giant sea bass and many more.

HMCS Yukon at San Diego, CA

It is a series of six artificial reefs that are part of San Diego’s Wreck Alley. In year 2000, a Mackenzie-class destroyer was purposely sunk on the port side at depth of 100 feet. This 366 foot long wreck has several entry and exit points cut into the steel hull.  The wreck is now home to several marine species and you can see numerous red strawberry anemones and white metridians flourishing in and around this wreck.

Hebe – Myrtle Beach, SC

A merchant vessel that sunk 40 miles off the coast is now home to several marine species.  At 115 feet down, the merchant vessel attracts wide types of marine life including hundreds of amber jack, stacks of barracuda, turtles, bait fish and Sand tigers.

Where to stay

Alaska, South Carolina and California offer several types of accommodation. If you are planning to enjoy a dip in the ocean, you need to stay at hotels near the scuba diving locations. Youcan book hotel rooms online. However, don’t forget to check hotel reviewer sites for money saving deals

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