Best cities for Winter travel in US


Winter has arrived and the holiday season is near. So it’s time to pack bags and head to prettiest winter cities in the US.  We are telling you about prettiest winter towns in America where you can wander freely on historic streets and enjoy the scenic surroundings. Here is our list of best cities for winter travel in the US.

San Juan, P.R.


It is one of the largest cities in Puerto Rico and also its capital. The climate of San Juan falls in tropical climate zone which means the temperatures during winters are in thecomfortable range of 77-87 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite being a popular beach city, it is not that expensive.  The city offers more than beach chairs and bars. The Old Juan is charming and transports back you to the colonial times.  Walking on the cobblestone streets watching colorful home is a rejoicing experience.  At San Juan, you can explore old forts, scenic waterfronts and experience the vibrant culture by attending festive events. The modern Juan city has several happening places like tropical beaches, luxurious beach front hotels, sizzling nightlife and world-class dining facilities. You can always book hotel rooms online to avoid hotel hunting after reaching the capital city. Don’t forget to check hotel reviews before booking online.

Honolulu, Hawaii.


It is the capital of the Hawaii and famous for its tropical cool climate.  Visitors come to Honolulu to get best beach experiences. Whether it’s your first visit or you have visited earlier, there is so much to do and enjoy at Honolulu. The Hanauma Bay is a great place for snorkeling.The Diamond Head is a former volcano peak that provides a great backdrop for your beach photos. Hiking to the place can be a great exercise and the bonus is you get an opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the city and the beaches.

If you love water sports, Honolulu offers you opportunities to enjoy theextreme joy of surfing. Even in winter, the water is cool and not cold and the height of the waves is good enough for surfing or riding on waves with your paddleboard.

New Orleans










A small party known as Mardi Gras is a reason for many travelers flocking to the city during the winter season.  The city has magnificent Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. The Mardi Gras 2017 event is scheduled for February 28 but the preparations have already begun. During Mardi Gras, there are parades almost every day with different entertainment activities and festivities that become more colorful and merrier as the event nears to an end.  During Christmas, you can see the city wearing a blanket of lights illuminating every road, corner, and building of the city. The best part, it is not hard to find affordable hotels even during the festive season. Check few hotel reviewer sites and grab the online hotel deals.

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