3 most romantic cities in the US











Paris is the not the only city with love in the air. America has several romantic destinations that provide the right atmosphere for love to bloom. We are telling you about 3 most romantic cities that you can visit in 2017.

Charleston, SC











Founded in 1670, this port city has perfectly maintained the classic atmosphere that impresses couples.Charleston is a perfect walk able city with several restaurants to explore while burning few calories. The cobble stone streets, pastel antebellum houses, horse drawn carriages create atmospheres that you have only seen in classic movies. You can stroll in the parks holding partners hand while cool wind caresses your face and refreshes your mind.If that doesn’t seem exciting enough, you can cuddle up with you partner on a carriage ride or enjoy a candlelight romantic dinner at any wonderful restaurant in the city.The Battery and White Point gardens are a perfect stroll where the scenic spots encourage you to cuddle or kiss your partner. Similarly, the Charleston Waterfront Park offer good vantage points to sit back and watch water, speeding boats and container ships.











Honolulu is a big favorite of people in love. The sun, sand, surf and powerful aphrodisiacsmake the city perfect for romantic couples.The island offers you the best relaxing atmosphere. There are several activities you can enjoy with your partner such sailing in outrigger canoes or watching the surfers while digging your toes in the sand. There are several other uniquelands based and water based activities to indulge in such as sunbathing, swimming, paddle boarding at night, beach sunset yoga, dolphin swim andmany more.The food tours in Honolulu give you an opportunity to taste authentic local cuisine.If you are looking for some serene peaceful moments with your partner amidst nature, you need to visit the Lyon Arboretumgarden; a 200-acre botanical garden located five miles outside Honolulu.












If you are looking for stylishness and attractiveness in the romantic destination, there is no other place like Miami.It is one of the hottest cities for kindling romance or taking your relationship to next level.There are plenty of fancy restaurants, nightclubs, and bars where you can cuddle with your partner.If you seek romantic places amidst nature, you need to experience the paradisiacal perfection of Matheson Hammock Park.It is bound to ignite aromantic spark between you and your partner.The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, The Kampong, and The Epic Hotel rooftop are some of the best places to spend some quality time with your partner.

Where to stay

The romantic getaways in the US offer different types of accommodation.You need to consider your budget before you book hotel rooms online.To get best online hotel deals, visit hotel reviews sites.

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