America’s 3 coolest towns for adventure seekers


Seeking Adventure in a foreign land is a thrilling experience for many. If you are one of them, then you will be happy to know about coolest places in the US for adventure seekers.  No matter what your pleasure- hiking, biking, surfing, heli-skiing, and paddling or any other adventure, these three destinations will take your adventure experience to the next level.

Haleiwa, HI

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Located on Waialua Bay, Haleiwa has the perfect landscape to experience different water sports.  The Waimea Bay has the perfect waves to enjoy surfing or playing in the waves.  It is one of the best beaches for surfing as the swell is just right.  The waves come crashing closer to shore so you don’t have to go deep inside to enjoy surfing.  The beach also has a rock cliff which is ideal for cliff dive.  There are several surf schools out there where you can learn windsurfing and kite surfing. If the water surface activities don’t excite you much, you can take the challenge of scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are abrave heart, take the Hawaiian Shark encounters where you are locked in a cage underwater and can see sharks swimming around you.

Bishop, CA


The Bishop town in California is a true heaven for adventure seekers.  The diverse landscape of the town offers you great opportunities to experience the adventure through sport and outdoor activities.  The Little Valley Lakes trail is great for hiking that takes you closer to nature. The scenery on the trail is just beautiful and worth seeing.  If you enjoy boating, go to Lake Sabrina where you can see the best fall foliage display. The lake area is just spectacular and the boating experience in clear waters is  mind blowing. Bishop is home to several fourteen thousand foot peaks covered with snow that offer spectacular skiing opportunities.  If you love horse-riding, you can explore the high mountains on gentle, mountain-savvy horses.

Salida, CO


Salida has a diverse landscape created by Arkansas River running through this historic town. Tube, kayaks, and rafts arecommon sights here.  The place also has excellent mountain bike trails and numerous hiking trails that give you theopportunity to explore four national forests. Climbing the 14er peak is a daring and challenging task that adventure seekers would love. If that is not enough, you can visit the nearby Monarch Mountain to grab some skiing adventure. You can also enjoy snow biking or rent a jeep to drive along the mountain trails.

Where to stay

Adventure seekers visiting this town have alot of accommodation options to choose from. Some of the options are motels, river lodge, luxury hotels, classic inns and many more. You can save agood amount of money by visiting hotel reviewer sites to find best online hotel deals.  You can check online hotel reviews and book hotel rooms online.

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