Expert tips to maximize your weekend getaway


48 hours is a very short holiday. If you are traveling for a weekend getaway, you must ensure you make most of it. Traveling to a foreign country is an experience which can be good or bad. To ensure you always have a good experience, you need to pre-plan your excursion and not rely on your luck aspect. Here are few expert tips that will help you maximize your weekend getaway.

Choose a destination carefully

A weekend getaway gives you limited time to explore so choose a destination where you will require traveling less and having the opportunity to explore more.  Select a destination that has less than 3 hours flying time and there are direct flights available. Once you chose the destination, make a list of places you would want to visit and things you would like to do once you reach there.

Plan an itinerary in advance


You need to plan your travel well in advance.  While planning the itinerary, don’t forget the hotel and restaurant bookings and other travel related bookings. Find out the best restaurants at the destination and collect some information about food, the culture of the place you are visiting.  It will be hard to decide where to stay, where to go and where to eat when you reach the destination, so planning in advance always helps you save time and makes most out of it

You can visit hotel reviewer websites to know the best accommodation at lowest rates.  Read the hotel reviews before booking online.

Get local recommendations

While researching is a good way to find best things in foreign places, the best way is getting some local recommendations.  Even when you are traveling for a weekend, you would enjoy the trip by staying at best hotels, visiting the best tourist attractions and tasting fresh local food.  Always try to find out some time to visit at least one local event at any place you go.  It can be a farmers market, flea market or even a musical concert.

Make most of your time

Whenever you go for a weekend getaway, make sure you spend more time exploring. Don’t sleep till half of the day and waste time? It’s better to start your day early. However, before you leave the hotel room, it’s always good to know the opening time of every place you plan to visit.  Stay late and get in your bed only when you are too tired. Some places in foreign lands are best explored at night when there are fewer people around. So don’t forget this tip when you go for a weekend trip.

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  1. Loved this post! We just got back from Bora Bora and posted on how we saved over 66% on that vacation.


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