Top 3 places for romantic hikes in Los Angeles

Hiking is a good form of exercise and it can be a blissful experience if your partner is with you.  It gives you unique opportunities to explore nature, a wilderness that is not possible otherwise. Here are top 5 places for romantic hikes that offer best bonding experience.

Mt. Hollywood via Griffith Park

The round trip of Griffith Park to the peak of Mount Hollywood is around 3.8 miles and takes you around 2 hours to complete. The elevation of the hike is around 1,185 feet that ensures neither of you find it strenuous. However, some short stretches have genuinely sweated inducing that makes it fun and at the end of the trip, you will feel it was worth. The hiking trip gives you magnificent views of the nearby Griffith observatory and L.A basin. The Griffith Park is a nice place for a training hike or for quick short escape when you don’t have much time to spare.

Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa


There is nothing romantic for a couple than to stroll along a coast and this hike provides you same with an added incline.  It is a great training hike and a round trip is around 7.3 miles which can be easily covered in 2.3 hours. The elevation gain is around 1,580 ft. Your partner will love to walk on this hiking trail due to amazing ocean clear views that you both can enjoy. During the spring, the trail is lush with greenery and wildflowers. The dirt road has a consistent flat surface and there are few old oak trees and meadows where you can stop for some shade. When you reach the Parker Mesa Overlook point, you can sit on the benches, view up and down the coast, eat, drink and take some rest.

Bridge to Nowhere

The name of the hiking trail might sound strange but there is a reason behind it. The end of the hike is a bridge that leads to nowhere. The approximate length of the trip is 10 miles and the elevation gain is around 801 feet. You will need at least 6 hours to complete the hike. Majority of the tourists who are not regular hikers enjoy walking on this trail due to diverse landscapes it goes through. You hike along a river, forests and at one point you also have an option of bungee jump off the bridge. There are multiple water crossings on this trail that may tire some. But overall this romantic hike is worth taking.

Where to stay?

Los Angeles is a great place and there are several good hotels in areas such as Long Beach, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Venice, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. To get best price, visit few hotel reviewer sites and check online deals. Always check the hotel review before booking online.

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