Top 4 spots to view the magnificent Manhattan skyline


There is no doubt New York City is one of the greatest city in the world with several tourist attractions.  The city has bedazzling architecture, historical building and parks, rooftops and stunning landscapes that appear strikingly beautiful even when viewed from distance. Here are top 4 spots to view the magnificent Manhattan skyline.

Manhattan Bridge


Though Brooklyn Bridge is also a great place to view the Manhattan skyline, you miss the great view of the Brooklyn Bridge itself when you stand on the bridge.  You can get the complete view of the Manhattan skyline including the Brooklyn Bridge by standing on Manhattan Bridge that is less crowded. Besides enjoying magnificent views, you can also enjoy the innovative design of the bridge and know about the rich history of the greatest suspension bridge of all times.

The Brooklyn Barge


The Brooklyn barge is the only permanently floating bar built on the East River in Green point. The barge serves us great food and drinks. It is a beautiful experience to enjoy your food with stellar skyline views. Fill up on tacos, sandwiches, or fries topped with BBQ Pork, jalapenos, cheddar along with local beer. You can also try free paddle boarding and kayaking to get closer to the skyscrapers.

Governors Island


The Governors Island is a former military base that is now open to the public. The place is nice picnic spot for families and you can always have a great time by participating in summer weekend festivals.  Hop on the ferry from Brooklyn and as you turn around, you will be amazed by the sun-kissed, breathtaking views of Manhattan which also includes iconic One Word Trade Center basking in bright sunlight. As you travel further, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the Statue of Liberty.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade


If you are looking for a leisurely stroll and also view the Manhattan skyline, you need to come to Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Unlike other places in the city which are crowded and noisy, this place offers you the most relaxing and romantic environment in the city. Besides enjoying the incredible skyline views from an open space, you will also see couples walking around or people drawing or reading on benches.  If you feel hungry roaming around, you can also visit any charming cozy cafe or restaurants to grab a bite of finger licking food.

Where to stay

Though, one of the most important cities in the US, you can always find an affordable accommodation when you visit the city.  You don’t need to hunt for hotels, just visit few hotel reviewer websites and know the lowest rates of best hotels around. Don’t forget to check hotel review before booking online.

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