What to do when in Americas wine country


Drinking wine has not remained only a French culinary affair. Wine tasting is a delightful event that takes your culinary experience to next level. Wine tourism is a reality and increasingly becoming popular in the US. Here are few vineyards that you should not miss.

Chandler Hill Vineyards


Located in Augusta, MO, the Chandler Hill Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in the US.  Augusta was the first American Viticultural Area on record and many vintners were thrilled to find phylloxera-immune root stock of the 19th and 20th century. The Norton grape is primarily used for wine making and if you are not an expert wine taster, you might mistake the wine produced here as the high-end California wine.

HAT Ranch, Bitner, Ste. Chapelle


The Snake valley in Idaho has some good vineyards located in beautiful hills.  The unique combination of long cool nights and warm sunny days provides the right atmosphere for producing finest grapes and food friendly wines. The region is also best for an adventure seeker and when you are done with wine tasting, you can indulge in whitewater rafting, hiking, or mountain biking.

JUSTIN Vineyards


Located in Central coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the vineyard is located at 3-hour drive from both cities.  The drive to the vineyards gives you the opportunity to travel on the Pacific Coast Highway that offers several scenic views that melt your heart. The beauty of the Saint Lucia hills is an added attraction that makes your wine tasting trip more fun. Here you can find some of the big boys of the Wine industry and you can get it cheap – around $20 per bottle.



The Becker Vineyards in Texas Hill County has the distinction of serving US presidents at White House.  The distinction clearly speaks about the highest quality of wines produced here. The region has around 46 wineries as the warm dry weather all year around is great for wine making.

Sleight of Hand


Located in Walla Walla, WA, the Sleight of Hand produces country’s best Bordeaux varietals that are equivalent to high-class French wines.  The Cascade Mountains has several grape plantations. Besides wine tasting, you also get an opportunity to travel through the lush green valley and if you are lucky you might witness a huge bird migration as Walla Walla is a popular bird destination. To enjoy the best views of the valley, don’t forget to visit the glass house at Cadaretta.

Where to stay

The states of Idaho, California, San Francisco and Los Angeles offer you diverse types of accommodation that suit every budget. Check few hotel reviewer sites and know the best rate available. Before booking online, don’t forget to check hotel reviews.

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