4 most romantic lakes in the US


February month has arrived and the air is filled with love. If you are looking for a romantic place for celebrating Valentine’s Day, there is no place better than a romantic lake far away from the hustle bustle and crowd of the city. Here is the list of 4 most romantic lakes to visit while on the trip to the US.

Lake Chelan, Washington


With an area of 50.5 miles, the Lake Chelan is one of the largest natural lakes in the US.  The lake has a perfect atmosphere for romance and many couples get married and celebrate anniversaries at Lake Chelan.  There are several romantic things you can indulge in – go for a romantic stroll around the lake, go boating, enjoy horseback riding, taste delicious local wines or dine at any excellent restaurant.

Lake Tahoe, California


Lake Tahoe is known for the surrounding panorama of mountains and clear water.  It is home to several ski resorts and the ski area (191 square miles) is fairly big for having a romantic skiing adventure with your partner. If that is not enough, you can take a gondola ride and enjoy the spectacular views of the lake. At Lake Tahoe, you can also get in a balloon to rise to a height of 10,000 feet and admire Emerald Bay’s beauty. Taking a romantic stroll in meadows with blooming wildflowers or hopping on a private sunset cruise are some of the romantic things you can do at Lake Tahoe.

Crater Lake, Oregon


It is the deepest lake in the United States with a maximum depth of 595 meters. The Crater Lake is a gem of a lake located on the Pacific Crest Trail and also one with the clearest water.  The dramatic surrounding mountains and the magical blue water provides the perfect atmosphere to ignite the spark of love between couples.  The beauty of the lake is far better than any picture you have seen and the special flora of wildflowers sprinkles more romance in the surrounding.

Lake George, New York


Also known as Queen of Lakes, the Lake George is the most beautiful lake in the US.  The lake is formed by a contour of mountains forming a basin and the water is clear as a crystal.  You can explore the lake by walking on the southern shore of the lake or take a hot balloon trip to rise in the sky and enjoy spectacular views of the lake and the mountains.

Where to stay

If you are visiting the most romantic lakes in the US, you should look for hotels near the lake.  To know about best deals, visit few hotel reviewer sites. Before booking online, don’t forget to check hotel reviews and know about the different amenities offered for couples.

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