3 best outdoor attractions in San Francisco


Tourists visiting San Francisco generally spend the larger part of their time in visiting museums, old palaces, and other popular tourist attractions. But many of them don’t know San Francisco has several outdoor attractions that offer several opportunities to have fun that you won’t get elsewhere.

Surfing at Ocean Beach

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The Ocean Beach is the best surf spot in San Francisco. When the swell is just right, you will see hundreds of surfing lovers wearing their black suits standing on the shores waiting for their wave. If you are not a surfer, you can always laze around on the 3.5 mile stretch of the sand on a sunny afternoon.  You can bike or skate along the promenade or just walk on the shores. If you feel hungry, visit the nearby restaurants for a coffee and grilled cheese sandwich prepared with a freshly baked loaf.

Visit Land’s End for spectacular views

San Francisco is full of spectacular views all over the place. But nothing is comparable to views from the Land’s End.  There are many things to see such as ruins of a Victorian bathhouse that was burned down in 1966 and watching the waves crash on the rocks at the entrance of the caves. From Land’s End, you can enjoy spectacular 30 miles views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands.  If you are interested in bird watching, you will be able to see more than 250 species of birds including red-winged blackbird, brown pelicans, and Brandt’s cormorants. You might also get an opportunity to see migrating gray whales, sea lions, and dolphins.

Enjoy best city views from Billy Goat Hill Rope Swing


Want to fly over the city on a 10-meter rope swing or hang on a eucalyptus tree top? You can do all this at Billy Goat Hill Rope Swing. These swings are located on the top of Noe Valley. The rope swings curve out over the edge of the hill and if you are brave enough you can watch the ground drop out under. Besides, you can also enjoy spectacular views of the city. If you are hanging on the rope swing at night time, you can see the stunning views of the city lit up. The neighborhood views from the swing are just jaw dropping as you see the twinkling Bay Bridge lit up by Leo Villareal’s Bay Lights sculpture. The ride is equally exciting during day and night.

Where to stay?

You can either stay at Fisherman’s Wharf or Union Square when visiting San Francisco. There are several budget hotels in this area and you can always get best hotel deals. All you have to do is visit few hotel reviewer sites and look for online hotel reviews before booking.


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