Breathtaking waterfalls in the US


Humans instinctively like waterfalls as they are special treats of nature that we don’t find everywhere. It doesn’t matter the waterfall is a torrent or a trickle, the flowing water, the gushing sound refreshes your mind and soul. America has several breathtaking waterfalls. Here are the top 4 waterfalls you should visit while on the trip to the US.

Yosemite Waterfalls


Located in the Yosemite National park, the dropping height of the waterfall is around 2,425 feet. The Yosemite waterfall is a major attraction and it has peak water flow in the late spring. The hike to the waterfall is stunning and you may completely get drenched as you walk on the trail to reach the upper Yosemite fall. The waterfall has three sections – the upper Yosemite fall, the middle cascades and the lower Yosemite fall. The upper Yosemite fall is just spectacular as the swift water hurls itself in the hanging valley with a deafening sound and forceful show.

Multnomah Falls


Located at a 30-minute drive from outside of Portland, the Multnomah Falls is 611-foot-tall, awe-inspiring, roaring cascade of icy water that lets you experience the true power of nature. To get the best view, you have to reach the carved-out opening in the rock face. Just stand at this point and tilt your head and you can experience the sheer magnitude of the falls. For a closer look, you need to reach the Benson Bridge, which takes you the first tier of the waterfall and you have the opportunity to see the 69-foot drop from the vantage point.

Havasupai Falls, Arizona


Also known as blue-green waterfalls, the Havasupai Falls in Arizona is a popular destination for hikers. The area around the waterfall is a paradise and tourist enjoys walking down the trail that stretches 8 miles or more. Located in Havasu Canyon, the waterfall always has a steady flow of water, thanks to the large tributary of the Colorado River that feeds the waterfall throughout the year.

Shoshone Falls


The Shoshone Falls is located on the Snake River which is an important place of fishing for Native Americans. The waterfall was created by catastrophic outburst flooding 14,000 years ago.  It is also known as Niagara of the West. During the wet days, the flow over the waterfall reaches 20,000 cubic feet per second while during the dry days it is reduced to 300 cubic feet per second.

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