4 reasons you should visit Utah this year


Utah is a place like no other. It has the most varied landscapes that include Kaleidoscopic canyons, alpine mountains, exquisite rock formations and flat-topped mesas. Not many know about these unique features of Utah and the immeasurable beauty remains a local secret. Here are 4 reasons you should visit Utah this year.

It is home to stunning national parks


Known as the “Mighty Five”, Utah is home to 5 stunning national parks such as Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon National park. Each national park boasts of a peculiar scenery different from the other. The Arches are famous for towering sandstone formations while the Capitol Reef is known for Monoliths and white domes. The Canyonlands is known for winding and towering canyons while the Zion National Park is known for steep red cliffs. The Bryce Canyon is known for its sprawling landscape made of spire-shaped hoodoos that amaze visitors.

 It is a hiker’s paradise

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Utah is hiker’s paradise; thanks to 5 national parks. the state has extensive hiking trails in different cities like Ogden, Park City, and Salt Lake city. Some of the best areas for hiking are Slickrock, Escalante, Dixie National forest, Mount Timpanogos and Buckskin Gulch. these places are brimming with the wilderness that makes then a haven for hikers. if you are looking for the best hiking experiences, you have got your destination.

See the real dinosaur fossils


Until now we have only seen dinosaur fossils in movies and museums but in Utah, you can see the fossils in the wide open. Utah has one of the biggest dinosaur fossils exhibit located 4330 feet above sea level. The Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracksite is a remarkable place to visit where you can see footprints of real dinosaurs printed on the landscape. The tracksite has six different footprint marks of different dinosaurs that are more than 185 million years old. The San Rafael Swell is a place where you can see more than 12,000 bones belonging to 74 dinosaurs. The site has the densest concentration of dinosaurs of the Jurassic age.

Best place for Skiing

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Utah experiences some of the highest snowfalls and you can see more than 18 ‘monster dumps that are perfect for skiing. Besides the tallest peaks, the quality of the snow is also best and known as Champagne powder. Utah is home to the largest Ski resort that spans 7,300 skiable acres.

Where to stay

The best areas to stay in Utah depend on the parks you are visiting. For Arches and Canyonlands, you can stay in Moab and in Kanab if you are visiting Zion or Bryce. To get best online prices, you need to check few hotel reviewer sites and know about the amenities and rates. Don’t forget to check online hotel reviews before booking.

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